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A poem I wrote on the games of life. We all screw up and sin... this poem is about that...
You've gotten to good with the bad act
         Sad with the fake smile
With room for what?
         Loving who?
And remember what you had
         But never forget
Learn from mistakes and never regret
         For as time is long
Its short and quick
         Bowed down at the mercy of destiny's whip
Cradling what? 
         No more like whom
The lies the fake distraught for doom
         Above the fog
Above the rest
         Yet crashing down
Whose life is next
         One then two then three then four
They drop like flies
         but what for?
They knew what would happen a'knocking the door
         When ignorance blinded
He shun with scorn
         Adore we might
Hate we bear
         Things we fight
The games a'scare
         For wish as you might
And try as you can
         There's no reaching them in no mans land
The games unfair
         You win but you lose
No matter what path
         You go down or choose
But choose wisely
         You have but one card
Sent from the lost
         The land yet afar
But even played right you still bear the scars
         But hear this bidding
Not all light equates to good
         As not all bad equals to evil
There's difference in legend
         And clouded beliefs
But one must look beyond the reefs
         Remember this one time
No matter when or how
         Or little even for
We all fall guilty in time
         To Destiny's Trap Door
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