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Story is the result of a half remembered dream.
The newspaper article read:


Stardate: 8326.9
For the first time in Starfleet Academy history, a team of Klingons will be participating in the Academy's invitational volleyball tournament.

The Star Fleet Academy volleyball tournament had been a long standing tradition, almost back to the school's founding. In the early years, the event had been a gathering of the Earth based universities with teams coming from all points of the globe. More recently, institutions from around the UFP had sought to participate. Some teams, such as the Vulcans, had chosen not to participate, acknowledging that their superior strength would logically render them an unfair advantage in such competition.

The Klingons however did not seem to be swayed by logic quite as easily. They wanted to field a team. Things seemed to be at an impass until the Chancellor of the Academy hit upon a solution; the old practice of handicapping a team. It was determined that each member of the Klingon team would wear a weighted bodysuit to counter any advantage their strength would give them.

The first round of volley was expected to draw a large audience, and it met with the expectation. Volleyball has spread in popularity. At the beginning of this competition, there were teams from Andoria , Beta Zeta Prime and Kronos
(More to come!)
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