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by Cassie
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A cute short story I did for history class. A young girl is running away from the nazi's.
Chapter one: the escape

“Mommy Look at the dress daddy bought me!” I said spinning around to show off my new soft lavender dress. My mother bent down smiling softly, her long brown hair falling into her sparkling brown eyes. “Its beautiful sweetie, would you like to go get some ice cream from Ikbar’s ice cream parlor later to celebrate your new dress?” I couldn’t hold back the small squeal of delight as I jumped up and down thinking of the delicious creamy treat. But just as I finally calmed down my dad burst through the front door panting from exertion his light brown hair sticking to his forehead from sweat, his emerald green eyes wide with panic. “The Nazis are invading to Poland!” his voice sounded rushed as he grabbed me and mother and pulled us out of the small apartment. I tried to keep up with my dad but I soon began to get a blister from my new slippers. “Daddy stop my foot hurts!” Hot tears slipped down my cheek hitting the solid black pavement underneath my feet. My dad didn’t turn as he said “I’m so sorry Delilah but if we don’t leave now and get away from here we will be captured and killed!” Shocked I kept running feeling my sore feet slam against the road and my new dress whip around my ankles. My mom and dad stopped in their tracks at the sight of two soldiers with light brown uniforms on, both of them had bright red armbands around their upper arm. My dad turned to my mom and whispered something in her ear that made tears slip down her cheeks but she nodded, then he turned to me a sad smile on his face. Bending down he kissed me softly on the fore head, “Delilah my beautiful little girl you and your mother must hide.” He turned me in the direction of an alley way where my mom was climbing down into a manhole heading towards the sewers below. I looked up at my father, “but what about you papa?” I asked already knowing I wouldn’t like the answer I received. I could see his bright emerald eyes sparkling with unshed tears as he said “I must distract the soldiers so they don’t notice the open manhole before you are a safe distance away.” I felt my eyes widen as I realized his intentions “No Papa, you must not stay here you will be killed!”  He just smiled softly at me and pushed me towards the alley. “Go prinzessin, Go and be free.” So with tears stinging my eyes I turned and slipped into the sewers. Just as I reached the bottom my mom pulled me into a tight hug saying a prayer under her breath. She then grabbed my hand and we started running. When we got about 50 yards away from the entrance the sound of a single gunshot filled the sewers the sound echoing off the walls and through the dirty and forgotten tunnel, until it finally started to fade away into the distance. I started to silently sob as we continued to run away from the place we used to call home.

  Chapter two: A Friend

              My mom and I continued running for what seemed like forever until my mom finally slowed down when the sun finally went down throwing the tunnels into darkness the only thing lighting our way was a few strands of the moons soft gossamer light. “Let’s settle down for the night Delilah.” I nodded sniffling softly, we continued to walk until we came upon a dry concrete platform, sitting down I pulled off my slippers looking at the small red blisters on my feet. Sighing I looked up at my mom, I could see the sadness in her eyes even in the darkness. Then my stomach growled pulling me from my remorseful thoughts, my mom must have heard it because she stood up. “Delilah I’m going to check and see if it’s safe above ground and if it is I’m going to find us something to eat, so I want you to stay here where it’s safe.” I nodded hugging my knees to my chest. My mom then left to find food in the cover of darkness. Soon after my mom left I noticed a soft sobbing coming from further in the tunnel. Curious, I silently followed the crying. I was surprised when I almost tripped over a boy about the same age as me in the middle of the tunnel. Kneeling down I put my hand on the boys back to comfort him “Don’t cry, its okay…” The boy flinched at my touch apparently not use to affection “W-who are you?” he asked suspicious of my motives for helping him. I just smiled, happy that he had stopped crying. “My name is Delilah Adelemo, my mother and I are running from the Nazis. What’s your name?” I asked curiously. The boy seemed to relax slightly as I told him we were running from the Nazis. “My name is Luke Adabaldo; I’m also running from the Nazis. It was me and my parents but they captured my parents so I’m completely alone now…” I could see Luke’s eyes start to water again as he thought of his lost parents. I softened knowing what it felt like to lose a parent to the dreaded Nazis. I watched as his dark obsidian eyes sparkled like a gem. I was struck by how those dark eyes looked so bright. I smiled softly glad to have a friend in these dark times. “Don’t worry,” I said softly “We only have a few more miles to run until we reach some where we can be safe and free.” Excited I grabbed his hand and took him back to the platform we were going to sleep on tonight. I turned to Luke and saw a small smile on his face, happiness washed through my body like a gentle wave so with a huge smile I said “This is going to be our bed tonight, it may be uncomfortable but it’s better than on the floor with the sewer water. Momma is above ground getting us some food and don’t worry you can have some of mine.” I felt my smile slip as I took in Luke’s appearance. His black hair matted with mud and dirt, face smeared with mud, and clothes all but falling off of his thin frame. Tsking I looked around for some fresh water seeing some drip from the ceiling I cupped my hands like a bowl catching small droplets in the palm of my hand I then turned and held the water out for Luke. Blinking Luke blushed knowing I had noticed his lack in hygiene. He wet his hands and washed his face and hair as good as possible with the lack of a brush of wash cloth. I then heard the sound of soft footsteps heading towards us, scared I grabbed Luke and scooted into the darkest corner of the small platform wrapping my arms around Luke protectively. But then I heard a soft whisper “Delilah where are you, it’s okay to come out now I got us some bread.” Sighing in relief I loosened my grip on Luke and crawled out of the shadows to hug my mother. My mom smiled and handed me a small piece of bread. Turning I broke the bread in half handing one half to Luke. Finally noticing Luke’s presence my mom’s jaw hit the floor in shock. “Delilah who is that boy and what is he doing here?!” She asked obviously surprised. I smiled at my mom in an attempt to calm her down. “It’s okay mom this is Luke he is running from the Nazis too, he got away but his parents got captured, so I figured he could come with us to Lithuania.” My mom instantly calmed down looking over at Luke she said “Oh my, your parent’s got captured? I’m so sorry.” Then she turned to me her eyes narrowing, “But you young lady should be more careful about who you tell these things to.” Pouting I nodded and sat down next to Luke, who was eating his small piece of his bread with a look of pure bliss on his cherub like face. Smiling I laid down after finishing my bread. I closed my eyes and allowed the fatigue to drag me into the land of dreams.

Chapter three: The Promised Land 

            The next day as I woke up excitement pulsed through my body, today if everything went well we should reach Lithuania. Sitting up I groaned stretching my stiff muscles. I looked down after noticing the inability to feel my legs and found that Luke had fell asleep and somehow ended up curled up on my lap. Sighing I pushed Luke off of me. Luke let out a small squeak as he landed on the cold floor. Sitting up he rubbed the back of his head pouting “Why’d you do that?” I looked at him sarcastically and said “Because I couldn’t feel my legs.” He giggled slightly at my snide comment. “Well apparently someone isn’t in a good mood.” My mom said from behind me. Looking back I smiled “No I am in a wonderful mood, I can’t wait to get out of these blasted sewers.” I said, nodding my mom stood up, Luke and I stood too but because of my legs being asleep I almost fell back down again But before my behind connected with the hard concrete Luke grabbed me steadying me so I wouldn’t fall again. Then I nodded and we took off running through the sewers almost at our destination. Within a few long and torturous hours my mom let out a happy cry. We had made it to Lithuania! All of us had tears in our eyes as we crawled out of the sewers to find ourselves on a road next to a huge grassy hill, smiling I ran to the top followed by Luke. As we reached the top, both of us had begun to cry in joy at the beautiful sight of a small peaceful town with beautiful houses and churches. Smiling Luke softly grabbed my hand squeezing it softly. Without saying a word he described my feelings perfectly. It might have been hard but together we had made it to the promised lands.

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