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Write a scene with two characters kissing. Use as many emotions, and senses as possible.
Katie stood in front of the full length mirror in just a pair of lacy black panties and matching bra. She turned from side to side admiring the view. ‘Hmm, at least the underwear look good,' she thought. She sighed, blowing a strand of curly auburn hair out of her eyes. She was disgusted. She had tried on almost every piece of clothing she owned and nothing seemed right for dinner with Kevin tonight.

Kevin and Katie had been dating for two weeks now and he had yet to make a move. The fact that he hadn’t, made Katie wonder if Kevin felt the same way about her. She liked Kevin…a lot. They had wonderful conversations, a lot of things in common, and he was utterly gorgeous.

Katie finally decided on a spaghetti-strapped silk black dress, slipped on some stockings, and chose a pair of open-toe black heels. She thought, ‘If this doesn’t get him to at least kiss me, I’ve failed miserably.'

The doorbell rang as Katie applied her lip gloss. Her heart started racing in anticipation as she capped the gloss, and walked to the front door opening it with flourish.

Upon hearing the door open, Kevin’s covetous eyes roamed Katie from her open toed heels, to her face. Desire flared to life within her as his beautiful emerald eyes scanned her body. The corner of his lip raised into a coy smile.

“You look amazing Katie.” He stepped forward, pulling her close, his warmth enveloped her. His warm strong hands reached up and cupped her face so gently. His long fingers tracing the soft contours of her face, as he looked deeply into her eyes. His hungry eyes dropped down to her lips. Katie licked her full, pouty lips slowly in anticipation; a silent invitation.

Katie’s breath left her as Kevin quickly leaned in and captured her lips with his own. His soft sensuous lips played over hers masterfully, starting their exploration softly. Tilting his head to the side to more fully engage in the kiss, Kevin’s tongue swept out along Katie’s lower lip. Her hands that had been resting on his hips slowly rose up his back in a soft caress to the nape of his neck. She let her fingers twine into his soft raven curls, applying a little pressure to the back of his head; she opened her mouth to him.

An excited thrill hummed through Katie. Their tongues met. Dancing, swirling, twisting, and exploring each other’s mouths. Katie moaned at the taste of him…heavenly. She nipped at his succulent lips as she pulled back from the kiss, eyes half-lidded, she looked into his eyes as they slowly opened to regard her.

A sensuous, satisfied, smile spread across his face. His voice, roughened by their contact, “I’ve have wanted to kiss you for the last two weeks.”

She bit her lower lip smiling, “I have been waiting for you to kiss me for the last two weeks…”

Word count: 495

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