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Angel goes to the ball and finds out that Cody has a secret of his own...
Chapter Three:

I was feeling better after talking to my mother. I hopped off of Cody's couch, used a Sticky-Note to tell him thanks, and left. I cautiously returned to Kohls and purchased the dress for the ball.

Five days later, I was dancing it up with Cody at the ball, despite my sore foot. During the last dance, which was a slow dance, I almost fell asleep in his arms. It felt nice. It felt normal. Everything was going perfectly. Untill the hunters stormed in.
         Cody dropped me and started to run out the door, but the hunters grabbed him and started to drag him outside. What did they want with him? I didn't know but I did know that it wasn't good, so I ran after them into the parking lot.
         "Hey!" I shouted. "Let go of him!" I snapped powerful kick in one's face but he was almost invincible. After a few more hard kicks at him, however, the hunter dropped to the pavement. "One down, three to go!" I panted.
         "No!" Cody, who had struggled out of the hunter's arms, protested. "Let's just go!"
         Sighing, I grabbed his hand and ran off with him. "We're not safe down here," I told him. "C'mon!" Before I could rethink the plan, I leaped into the sky and shot out my wings, struggling to support Cody's weight. "We'll land in a tree," I explained.
         When we landed in a particularly tall pine, Cody started asking questions. But "Wha--?" was all he could manage to splutter.
         "I know that your in shock," I whispered. "But can we still be friends?"
         "I--I'm not like you," Cody breathed. "But I'm not like the others, either." When I gave him a questioning look, he explained. "Tab-- he put some weird chip in my head, near my brain. It's like a calculator, GPS, a memory storage unit so that I can't forget anything and also, it has some weird glich. I can feel other people's vibrations because the chip vibrates with it. I've memorized what some people feel like, and even some emotions, so I know what people are feeling. I--I sensed that you were lying when you told me how you got shot. But now I know." He smiled. "Lets get to sleep."
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