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by Eric
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A goblin jumping between the human realm and goblin
Catarrah scuttled through the busy street, bustling with goblins going to their duties in the human realm. He wore grey robes with his hood up, and his little bulging nose hanging out. His little beaty eyes, could alone convince humans to let him go if he ever got caught. Catarrah could not go to the human realm because it was illeagal to without graduating from your guild. He was in the guild of thieving and inventing. He passed the food stands on the side of the road. Catarrah stopped at one. "Hey,Jylde!" yelled Catarrah. " What can I get for ya?" Jylde asked. He sold a varity of foods from moldy cheese to rotton fish. Jylde was wearing his blood stained apron, and fishtail hat. " Get me some moldy cheese" Catarrah answered. " Coming right up" Jylde announced, and with that he went to the back of his worn out stand. Catarrah stood there watching the bustling goblins. Jylde came back with the cheese wrapped in a white wrappar, his littling wings were cooling him off from the hot sun his little tail did the same. Catarrah took the cheese, and gave Jylde twelve dinkers. He rushed down the busy street, looking at the town clock. Which was a watch stolen from the human realm. Catarrah seen he only had ten minutes to get to his guild. He sprinted, by the time he reached his guild he was five miutes late and was catching his breath.Catarrah walked into the training room, he looked at the trainer and walked and sat by a short goblin with no arms but four stubby legs a spiked shell and a small tail. The training graduation was soon over, tons of goblins ran off to the human realm. He left, and started walking to Jylde's stand. He looked at the buildings some factories were pouring out smoke, with the inventors in there making new useful creations to tourture humans more. His feet pitter-pattered the ground, he reached Jylde " I graduated" Catarrah announced. " Good job" Jylde replied. They shook hands and said good bye. Catarrah felt like a new goblin, he walked to his small apartment. He unlocked his door with his tiny key. Walked inside, and pulled out his cheese ate it as the aroma tickled his nose. Catarrah went to sleep, and woke up at one a.m on the human clock. He grabbed his slingshot, holstered it on his side. He walked across the darkened streets of the goblin realm, he went through the first realm jumper he could see. Catarrah got on it and in a flash of blue light. He opened his eyes, and what he seen was better than what all the textbooks and vetriens had talked about. He marvoled at how it was bigger than a factory. The ground was softer than any goblin grass, he then started walking. Catarrah seen something that was shiny, he pulled out his slingshot aimed and fired the object was sent into a million pieces thought Catarrah.
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