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This is information about my service dog Bella. Work in progress.
This is my best friend and helper, Bella.  She is my assistance dog who really enjoys her work.  We spend every second of every day together. She is with me or close by unless there is a very special or serious reason for us to be apart.  Our relationship is similar to being family, actually, we are family.  We are a pack.  Pack membership is extremely important to a dog. Or, like sharing a living space together. and also working together as a community group of people would to take care of each other so that they would be able to make certain that the group would survive.  This is the best way I can describe how close we are.

When I first met Bella she was about a year old.  Unfortunately I know nothing about her past.  My friends told me they found her wandering the streets.  After about 2 months of trying to find her owner they had no luck. So, when I mentioned I was looking for a service dog, they told me about her. 

I decided to meet her which was the best decision I made.  We've been a team ever since she spent several weeks with me for evaluation.  What a gem I have in Bella.  She loves learning and doing tasks for me, visiting with people when she has permission, and traveling.  Taking walks and helping me are her favorite activities.

I know, you're wondering what breed of dog she is and what color she is, right?  I'll tell you this later.

It is November 10, 2011 and it is later.  The breed, color, and more information about Me and my friend Bella can be found at:
or by doing a web search.  Or, you can return here and see what I add to my writing. 

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