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work in progress Must be meant to rework this LOL! Enter at ur own risk...
Wow this is the first time I read this in awhile. Almost 4 years had passed when I came back here. now it's a year later. I have a bunch of follows on Twitter,Google,Face book.. It's a mind blower cause so much has happened in between. That's what I'm going to catch upon as I can. Things have changed unexpectedly all of a sudden I have time to write,also have time to process all I lived through,these past five years. time for some reflection.

Below was the start of this,this is the middle....It did not start out as an outline to a blog! It was posted on the blog,but was whited out by highliter. Am going to copy & paste it here,instead of my Yester-year blog.
**************************************************************************************************************************************I was very tired today,so didn't get back to you. I'm going to Let ya know how the past 24 hours were. Last night I couldn't sleep and was trying to play Farmville,and later did study the PDFs of class.

I'm dealing with a lot of different reality's to process. In the past it was like I didn't have much time to process anything,really. Was too busy helping to raise children that needed me. I'm not used to having leisure time really.To me a double Capricorn,Virgo rising-triple earth,life is work and producing something worthwhile to others or the planet-animals etc.

I have a prayer that I pray most mornings,it vary s but not much,let me share it with Y'all!

" Living and existing King and Queen.

Thank you for returning my soul to me.

because you have done this:

I know you have faith in me,that I will for-fill

my purpose. Help me not to squander the day!

help me to make it better in everyday I can!

Bless my loved ones near & far,and all the souls who can use some help...

This started in my blog,but brought me here to see, I have a merit Badge! Wow am blown away with thanks!!*BigSmile*

Why I write...
Though I have "given it up" Had writers block (the worse case 2 years long-ugg!).
Still have issues having enough time ( I know-- we all get the same 24 hours in a day!) Hum so back to why I write--- because I love to! As hard,sometimes frustrating as it can be, I write to live & live to write! I enjoy reading others writing,as well. Theres still issues with grammer & that i use too many commas! I still write. I've been away from it for way too long. Sometimes things happen in our life we can't always forsee. We can't always plan for everything,yet it's good to have a contant---something we know we can do.
So I came here to writing.com 9 years ago,my 8 year old Grandaughter Sahalie,was still 5 months away from being born!
I wanted to be a writer,but didn't know how exactly.
A couple of years before I took a Writers Digest Non-fiction mail order class. When I wrote my first articles & sent them back, I felt so proud & so did my family. When I got feedback from the teacher,I didn't know how to handle the corrections part. my feelings were hurt (after all wasn't it just great?--no it wasn't-- the ideas were--but they needed work!
-to be continued.

Wow! this is the first time back since writing this! My life has changed in so many ways(Sounds like the lyrics from a Beatles song,but so true)
Up until a couple of weeks ago,was helping to raise 2 of my Grand-kids,Sahalie 9 & Dominic now 3,he has High functioning Autism & I had started a blog hoping to learn & share with it. Life turns on a dime & all of a sudden your starting a new life again & it's all for the best,though not easy. It's better to learn from the past,yet not live in it. Plan for the future yet enjoy the present time.
Sometimes it's hard enough to live in the moment & not let some of them drive ya nuts!
Life is one big test,no matter what you may believe or As John Lennon wrote" whatever gets you through the night!" As long as you are doing something to improve yourself & the others on this planet that are trying to do that as well,not to harm but help in whatever way we can.
Yeah the worlds a big mess,nothing new there,yet it can also get better.....
So I'm making this public,what good is having a talent,if it can't be used for others. To make laugh,think or whatever.some folks don't want to "be confused with the facts" I learned that as a young adult,when I was with the Children of God,in the 70's(long story to be told in time.)
Now I'm getting back here & working on my novel The vortex. At some point will share the first chapter & other tidbits from writing I started many years ago. some are just notes,but in time will be a chain of my own device to lift others up,It is my hope at any rate!
I'm happy to be near my oldest Daughter & Grandson,after us living in other parts of the country.
Yes life turns on a dime & sometimes it turns in the right direction!!
So welcome to my world/DL Page/dddreamcat/Diane Fertig, As they say whats' in a name?
Be well & happy,can't wait to get back to my review groups & folks I have made friends with! There are some sweet souls on this site! *Cat* *StarStruck*
ta ta for now!
11-3-13 Wow does time fly... So many things happened in between the last entry & today. It is always mass storms,every time I try to do my writing work. I start many projects,yet don't have the time or luxury,to finish. Then I had negative folks around,making me feel worthless,many times. I lost friendships & family bonds because of all this nasty crap,that others caused. I am thankful,to be living with my real Children & grand kids. I have banished anyone who wishes to cause harm to my family or to me... So Mote it Be ,So bless it be. Harm no-one is the whole of the true laws of fate.

Soon to come,my own version of "Chapel Perilous" Or better still,"meet you on the level,maybe see ya on the plane! To each there own,so get it. Some don't. Some maybe will... Some maybe won't.
The sword of reason. The Serpent and the rainbow,was a really good film...
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