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911 conspiracy theory? You decide.
United Police State of America

America is coming up on the ten-year anniversary of the attacks of 9/11, but how many Americans accept the official findings of the 911 Commission Report? In a 2008 poll of 17 countries, 15% of those surveyed believed the US government was involved, and many more believe it today. To believe the 911 Commission Report, is to believe a conspiracy theory. We know what happened, more or less, but do we really know how it happened, who was behind the attacks and why would they conspire to create such a disaster. The attacks were predicted by some, before it happened. In fact, journalist-producer Bill Cooper knew and warned it was going to happen, months before 9/11. He also said Bin Laden would be blamed. Bill Cooper was killed in November of 2001, a coincidence?

Suppose the men accused of the attacks were in those planes, who could have orchestrated this, and who knew about it, beforehand? The Twin Towers collapsed in a very suspicious manner and World Trade Building #7 collapsed later in the day, on Sept. 11th, but was never struck by an airplane. The official report does not even explain the explosions being heard at ground level, before the Twin Towers collapsed, even though video in television news reports clearly show explosions happening. There are many unanswered questions, the investigation was shoddy at best, considering the loss of life and damage. The day following the attacks we were told they solved the case, and pictures of 19 men were released to the press, talk about shaping public opinion, yet it took almost 3 years to release the 911 Commission Report.

To some of us it is obvious, people in government knew and were involved, but it is even more sinister than that. The puppets we call leaders did not plan this. The puppet masters, as I choose to call them, made this happen. It is part of their plan. Many things have changed drastically in this country and the world since 9/11. What scares me, is what's next. Look at the mechanisms that have been put into place and the wars waged. We have more troops in the Middle East than ever before. It would seem we will be expanding the war into Pakistan and other countries in the region.

One thing is for certain, the world has changed a lot since 9/11/2001. Our federal government has grown, along with the national debt. We now have the Dept. of Homeland Security, the TSA (who are everywhere), and troops all over the Middle East. We can be searched without warrants, even while traveling within the United States. The TSA and the DHS have virtual unlimited power and Americans have lost much of their freedom, but are we really safer? We are treated like criminals when we travel, and not just in airports. If it were not for the 9/11 attacks, would Americans tolerate such treatment? We have become the United Police State of America, and it's going to get worse.

The American public is more complacent than ever, but more people are waking up everyday. Three percent of the citizens in the Thirteen Colonies beat the British, maybe this is why we are seeing this clampdown. We are being suppressed and oppressed, because we are the enemy. We are being conditioned to except the loss of our rights, to believe what we are told or live in fear, fear of what's to come.

Some say it doesn't matter who's behind the attacks, but when someone kills thousands of people, it does matter. Like most conspiracies, we may never know the whole truth. We are being lied to, there is more to this than most people want to believe. Unless you throw common sense out the window, you will agree. It just doesn't add up, if you really do your homework. Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwqLu8ZXIX0: , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxFFLJ66R_8 and, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04JFNCk98S0.

Who has benefited from the attacks on our country? Who controls our future? We are closer than ever, to a one-world government. Who will run this New World Order? Who's pulling the strings? We the people are not in control and neither are our leaders. The boogie man is dead, as bad as Bin Laden may have been, the puppet masters are even worse. Bin Laden was their scapegoat. The men flying the jets may have believed they were doing this for their cause, but they were only working for the puppet masters, and so are we.

-Joe Motor

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