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by Ni-Gea
Rated: E · Script/Play · Drama · #1787824
It is about a girl and her life.

Scene 1

(Anna enters SR and stops center stage. Spotlight is on her.)

Anna: Did you ever feel like the world was against you? Like you are in a

metal box and there is no way out. Well, that is my life. I just want to

SCREAM! (Lights down, Scene change.) (Anna exits)

Scene 2 (Anna's kitchen)

(Anna enters)

Anna: Mom?

Mom: What do you want, now?

Anna: Did you wash the shirt, I asked you to wash?

Mom: Oh no, I forgot. You know you should be old enough to wash your own

clothes, your 14.

Anna: But, I reminded you, now I have nothing to wear.

Mom: Well, that's not my fault.

Anna: Yes, it is! (Anna walks over to her mother)

Mom: Why is this my fault? You know you always do this!

Anna: Do what?

Mom: Blame me when you don't get what you want. (Mary, Anna's sister, walks

in and sits at the table.) Why can't you be more like your sister?

Mary: Leave me out of this.

Anna: Maybe, because I don't want to be like Mary. I'm my own person you

know. I like to dance, Mary likes to sing. I like to write, and Mary likes

to read. We are complete opposites.

Mom: You are an ungrateful, spoiled demon who never wants to take my advice

and you twist my words into what you want to hear.

Anna: So what am I suppose to wear?

Mom: You can be naked, for all I care.

Mary: You can wear one of my shirts, Anna.

Anna: Thank you, Mary at least someone cares.

Mom: When you get that shirt get out of my house, I don't want to see your

disgusting face, or hear your mouth. Leave!

Anna: I hate you. (Lights down, Scene change.)

Scene 3

Mary: Here, take this shirt. (Mary hands Anna a shirt.)

Anna: Can you believe how selfish mom is?

Mary: You guys need to calm down; you treat each other like crap.

Anna: She always starts it.

Mary: And if she won't be the mature one, then you be the mature one and end


Anna: She just always has to find a way to get under my skin.

Mary: Then, don't pay attention to her.

Anna: Mary you wouldn't understand you're younger than me.

Mary: Yeah, by a year.

Anna: I should go before mom throws a tantrum.

Mary: Are you going straight to school?

Anna: Yeah, bye

Mary: Bye (Lights down, both girls exit.)

Scene 4 (Lights up, at Anna's school. School bell rings.)

Samantha: Hey, Anna.

Anna: Hey, Sam. (Sounds depressed.)

Samantha: You fight.

Anna: Yeah, I mean it just keeps happening.

Samantha: Maybe you and your mom should go see a counselor.

Anna: For what! So we can start fighting, again.

Samantha: My mother, and I went and we don't fight anymore.

Anna: Well, I need to get to class, we are both late.

Samantha: Ok, but think about what I said. (Both girls exit. Lights down.)

Scene 5 (Lights up. In Anna's classroom. Anna walks SR, she is tripped.)

Girl 1: Watch where you step

Anna: Watch where you trip, and don't be a .

Girl 2: A what?

Anna: Forget it

(Anna takes her seat, as the teacher walks in.)

Teacher: Okay, today we are going to share our poems that I assigned

yesterday. (Anna pulls out a piece of paper.)

Teacher: Anna, would you like to begin?

Anna: Sure. (Anna walks center stage.)

Anna: This morning I woke up

Without a clue, who you were

In the dawn of your arrival

You stand in the shade, waiting shyly

Inside of your body

I made up my mind, and decide to

Walk up to you, and

Say it

Say that you are what gets me

Through the day, when I feel gray

Gray as the sky on a cloudy day

Now, I have made up my mind

And said I love you, but

You cannot care because

You want to use the "L"

Word first, so

You get over me, and

Expect me to forget that

I said, "I love you" first.

Teacher: Nice, can I see your paper? (Anna hands the teacher the paper and

walks away) Anna come back here, now! (Anna walks back over to the teacher.)

Anna: Yes?

Teacher: There is nothing on this paper. I am sorry, but I'm going to have

to give you a D.

Anna: What? Why? My poem is probably the best one.

Teacher: I don't care if Langston Hughes wrote it, showing no work does not

prove that you did the work.

Anna: Whatever. (The bell rings. Everyone exits. Lights down.)

Scene 6 (At

Anna's locker. Travis enters.)

Travis: Hey, Anna Banana

Anna: Hey, what's up?

Travis Nothing much. I heard the dance committee need a DJ for the dance

that is coming up. Are you going?

Anna: No, dances aren't really my style, but I still like dancing.

Travis: Okay, catch you later then.

Anna: Bye. (They hug, and then exit.)

Scene 7 (School parking lot)

(Lights up.)

Samantha: Bye

Anna: Bye (Anna walks stage left as Samantha exits SR)

(Juan enters SL. Anna and Juan bump into each other and Anna drops her

things. Juan picks up her things.)

Juan: Oh, I'm sorry.

Anna: No, it was my fault.

Juan: I should have watched where I was going. Would you like me to take you

home, Anna right?

Anna: Anna's right. Juan?

Juan: Yeah, how about that ride.

Anna: No, I'm fine.

Juan: Come on.

Anna: Um, okay. (They both exit SL.)

Scene 8 (Ice cream parlor.)

Anna: Why did we come here?

Juan: Don't you like ice cream?

Anna: Yeah, but I thought you taking me home.

Juan: Anna its just ice cream.

Anna: Ok, but your taking me home as soon as we are done, right.

Juan: All right (They take a seat center stage.) Frank the usual. (Frank

walks SL.)

Anna: What is the usual?

Juan: Two scoops of chocolate ice cream, whip cream and chocolate fudge.

Anna: That sounds interesting.

Juan: My dad use to own this ice cream parlor, but he gave it to his friend

after he died.

Anna: Oh, I am so sorry. Why didn't he give it to you?

Juan: Well, at the time, I was only 12 years old, and his friend loved this

place. (Frank enters with two bowls of ice cream.) (Anna tastes it.) How is


Anna: Good.

Juan: Great.

Anna: So you live with your mom.

Juan: Yeah, what about your parents.

Anna: My dad left my mom, so it just my sister and I. I don't really get

along with my mother, though.

Juan: I know how it is. I like you, Anna. Would you like to go on a date

with me?

Anna: Sure. Friday?

Juan: I'll pick you up at 7 p.m. I'll take you home now, if you are ready.

Anna: Lets go.

Juan: Where do you live?

Anna: Two blocks from here, in one of the apartment buildings.

Juan: That's where I live, come on. (Lights down.)

Scene 9 (Lights up.)

Juan: Look you see that window by the fire escape, that's where I live

Anna: My apartment is right above yours. I never see you around the


Juan: My mom and I just moved here, but we are moving in about a week.

Anna: Oh.

Juan: Maybe, we can hang out on the fire escape, one night.

Anna: Maybe, as our date

Juan: Tomorrow meet me on the fire escape at 7 p.m., and bring a blanket.

Anna: Why?

Juan: Just in case.

Anna: Just in case, what?

Juan: We might fall asleep.

Anna: See you at school.

Juan: Bye. ( Blackout.)

Scene 10 (Inside Anna's house.)

(Anna is smiling.)

Mary: What are you so happy about?

Anna: I have a date.

Mary: When?

Anna: Friday, aw he is so cute.

Mary: Where are you guys going?

Anna: On the fire escape, he lives upstairs.

Mary: Are you serious, that is so romantic.

Anna: I know, please don't tell mom she's just going to find a way to ruin

it for me.

Mary: I won't tell her

Anna: Promise.

Mary: I promise.

Anna: I need to change my clothes, because Samantha and I going to dance at

the gym, if mom asks.

Mary: She won't ask.

Anna: What ever, now you know. ( Lights down, scene change.)

Scene 11 ( Lights up, at the gym.)

Samantha: Hey, Anna

Anna: Hi, let's practice the new dance, because there are some things we

need to work on

Samantha: Okay.

(Music up. Both girls dance to (Pick a song.)

Anna: That was good, somebody's been practicing

Samantha: Yeah, of course.

Anna: Guess what?

Samantha: What?

Anna: I have a date.

Samantha: With who?

Anna: You know Juan from Biology?

Samantha: Oh, Anna you should be careful, because heard Juan is not the best

person to get with.

Anna: Why?

Samantha: I heard he is a bit touchy.

Anna: Who did you hear this from?

Samantha: His ex-girlfriend.

Anna: Well, I have to pick out an outfit for tomorrow.

Samantha: Just be careful.

Anna: I will. (Anna exits. Lights down.)

Scene 12 (Lights up. It's Friday 7p.m. ) (Juan is sitting on the fire escape

waiting for Anna. Anna enters.)

Juan: Hey.

Anna: Hi, I got the blanket. ( Spreads blanket.)

Juan: I brought some chocolate dipped strawberries, my mom made them.

Anna: They look good.

Juan: Here, try one.

Anna: It's great, you know when I was younger I would come up here every


Juan: Yeah, why did you stop?

Anna: I honestly don't know.

Juan: Well, if you like me, we can come up here every night, if you want to.

Anna: Well, you're in luck, because I do like you.

Juan: Great.

Anna: So what do you want to do?

Juan: Just talk.

Anna: Talk about what?

Juan: Tell, me about yourself.

Anna: Well, I was born here, my sister, Mary, is the only family that I am

really close to. Samantha and Travis are my best friends, and there isn't

much to me, what about you? (Juan grabs Anna's hand.)

Juan: You know that I just moved here, and that I like you, a lot, and. (

Lights down.)

( Lights up. It's morning. Anna and Juan are asleep.) (Anna wakes up.)

Anna: Juan?

Juan: Good morning, sleepy head.

Anna: Um, I should get ready for school.

Juan: Okay, see you tonight.

Anna: Come to my apartment my mom won't be home until around 10p.m. I think.

Juan: Okay (Anna starts to run off stage but comes back and kisses Juan on

the cheek, and exits.)

Scene 13 (Lights up. In the school hallway.)

Anna: The date was incredible. ( Anna is walking towards Travis, and


Samantha: It was?

Travis: What date?

Samantha: You didn't tell him?

Anna: No.

Travis: Tell me what?

Anna: I had a date yesterday, and it was great.

Travis: Oh, good for you.

Anna: Well, we have to get to class see you later Travis.

(Girls exit. Travis is mad and kicks locker, and exits.)

Scene 14 (Lights up. Outside of the school. Travis is preset, and Anna

enters SR.)

Travis: Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?

Anna: Yeah, of course, what's wrong?

Travis: I was just wondering, but who was your date yesterday?

Anna: Um, Juan, why?

Travis: Anna, I really care about you, and I don't want you to get hurt, so

please be careful.

Anna: I will, gosh I wish everyone would stop nagging me about him, I really

like him, and really likes me.

Travis: Okay, I understand that, but I don't want him taking advantage of


Anna: I think your jealous. Why can't I be happy? What's wrong with me


Travis: There is nothing wrong, I just want.

Anna: I don't care what you want. What about what I want? I want to be

happy, I want to live freely, I want to be able to make my own decisions. I

feel like everyone is against my decisions. Nobody cares about Anna, so

let's just treat her anyway, I have brains you know.

Travis: No, Anna I want you to be happy, I care about you, you're my best


(Travis begins to hug Anna, but Anna pushes him out of the way, starts to

exit but stops.)

Anna: Obviously, you don't care that much.

( She exits. Lights down.)

Scene 15 ( Anna enters center stage.)

Anna: That was just a taste of my life. Right now, I am at the freezing

point, but soon I will reach the boiling point. (Anna exits.)

Scene 16 ( At Anna's house.)

Anna: Hey. (Anna walks in.)

Mom: Anna I have to go back to work, I'll be back around 12 a.m. I need you

to go to the store to get some milk and bread, don't forget your keys.

Anna: Okay, bye.

Mom: Bye, Mary.

Mary: Bye, mom.

(Mom exits.)

Anna: Juan should be here any minute now, when he gets here I'll go to the


Mary: I don't know if that's such a good idea.

Anna: You'll be fine. (Doorbell rings.) He's here. ( Anna gets the door.)

(Juan walks in.)

Juan: Hey cutie.

Anna: Hi, this is my sister Mary.

Juan: Hi.

Mary: Hello.

Anna: I need to go to the store so Mary will keep you company.

Juan: Okay. ( Anna exits.)

Juan: What are you reading?

Mary: The newspaper.

Juan: Oh, well I think a girl pretty and young like you shouldn't be reading


Mary: Ok.

Juan: I think a girl like you should be my girlfriend. ( Juan moves a piece

of hair from Mary's face.)

Mary: What are you doing?

Juan: Mary I know you like me already just by the way you look at me with

those beautiful eyes.

Mary: What about my sister? I just met you!

Juan: What about her, she doesn't have to know, you could be like my side


Mary: You should leave, now.

Juan: No, Mary you heard your sister your suppose to keep me company, Mary

come keep me company. ( Juan begins to chase Mary around the couch, they

both ad-lib. Anna enters.)

Anna: Why is the door unlock.

Mary: Anna! ( Mary runs and holds on to Anna.)

Anna: What's going on?

Juan: Anna, what happened?

Anna: I forgot my keys, and I repeat what is going on?

Mary: Your, boyfriend attacked me. (Anna hugs Mary tighter.)

Anna: What did you do to my sister?

Juan: Nothing, she's lying.

Anna: Why is she crying, then? What did you do? ( Anna starts walking toward


Juan: Nothing.

Anna: You are a dirty liar, get out of my house

Juan: But, Anna look at her can't you tell what a tramp looks like when you

see one?

Anna: Oh you went too far, now. Get out, before I call the police, don't you

ever talk about my sister.

(Juan exits, by force.)

Anna: Mary, I'm so sorry.

Mary: Don't talk to me, I told you I didn't trust him!

Anna: Why don't you just spend the night at a friends house, I'm going to

the gym.

( Lights down. Both girls exit.)

Scene 17 ( Lights up, at the gym.)

(Anna walks SR and meets Samantha.)

Samantha: What's wrong?

Anna: You were right about Juan.

Samantha: What did he do?

Anna: He attacked.

Samantha: You?

Anna: Mary.

Samantha: Oh my gosh, Mary!

Anna: It's all my fault.

Samantha: What are you going to do?

Anna: I don't know. Sam I need some time to think if you don't mind.

Samantha: I don't mind at all, but Travis might come over to pick up the

radio though.

Anna: Okay, bye. (They hug, Samantha exits.)

( Anna walks center stage. Music up. ( Maybe " Cry me a River" by Justin

Timberlake, because I am obsessed.) Travis enters and joins the dance, at

the end of the dance, they both lean in to kiss, but before their lips touch

lights go down. They both exit.)

Scene 18 ( Anna's house the next morning. Anna enters, her mom is sitting at

the table.)

Mom: Anna, come here.

Anna: What? ( She walks over slowly.)

Mom: Just come ( Now Anna is in front of her mom, her mom stands up at slaps


Anna: Mom, what is wrong with you?

Mom: What is wrong with you? You brought a boy in this house and left him

with your little sister.

Anna: I didn't know that he was going to do what he did.

Mom: What do you think was going to happen? You let him attack my baby, and

she told you she did not trust him.

Anna: What was I suppose to do, you told me to go to the store.

Mom: But, I didn't tell you to invite that boy over.

Anna: Mom, I'm sorry.

Mom: Tell that to Mary! (Lights down.)

Scene 19 ( Mary's room, Anna enters.)

Anna: Mary?

Mary: Yes?

Anna: I thought you were at a friend's house.

Mary: I didn't go.

Anna: Why did you tell mom?

Mary: Was I not suppose to tell my mother that I was attacked?

Anna: I said I was sorry, why isn't that enough for you?

Mary: Because, Anna what if you didn't come back when you did, what would've

happened then, he could have killed me.

Anna: But, I did come back, you're not dead, I changed what could have


Mary: Anna, I was so scared, and you left me there. I didn't know what he

was doing.

Anna: I know.

Mary: No, you don't know, how alone I felt.

Anna: Mary, please, I'm so sorry. ( She hugs Mary. Lights down.)

Scene 20 ( At Anna's school in the hallway. Lights up. Anna enters.)

Juan: Anna!

Anna: I don't want to talk to you. ( Anna starts to walk away, but Juan

grabs her and turns her around and holds her arms.)

Juan: I'm not done talking to you.

Anna: Let go of me. Let go! (She breaks away.)

Juan: I'm sorry, and I want you to forgive me.

Anna: You listen to me, don't ever talk to me again, and stay away from my


( Travis enters.)

Travis: Hey, what are you doing!

Anna: He was just leaving.

Juan: I will talk to you, and I'll see your sister, I have a few words for


Travis: Lay a hand on either of them and your dead. ( Lights down.)

Scene 21 ( Lights up. Anna's house, Anna enters.)

Anna: Hey, Mary.

Mary: Hey, Anna you got a letter.

Anna: From who?

Mary: Look.

Anna: Oh my gosh, it's from Julliard!

Mary: I know! (Anna opens the letter, and reads through it.)

Anna: They're coming to Detroit, to hold auditions for backup dancers, and

they want me to tryout.

Mary: I am so happy for you.

Anna: But, wait look. ( Anna hands Mary the paper.)

Mary: Oh.

Anna: Yeah, I need a parents signature mom will never let me go.

Mary: I'll ask her for you.

Anna: Thanks, it also says I can tryout with a partner, I'm going to ask

Travis I don't think I can do it without him.

Mary: Okay.

Anna: Oh, yeah Mary I want you to be careful, and don't go anywhere by


Mary: Why, because of.

Anna: Just don't go anywhere by yourself, don't ask why. ( Lights down.)

Scene 22 ( Lights up, at school in the hallway.)

Anna: Travis, you won't believe this, but I got an audition.

Travis: For what?

Anna: To be a back-up dancer.

Travis: Are you serious!

Anna: And, I want you to be my partner.

Travis: I'd love to!

Anna: Thank you, I couldn't do it without you

Travis: You know I would do anything for you.

Anna: Travis I'm starting to think you have feeling for me, but that's just

a thought.

Travis: But, Anna I do, we have been best friends for a long time, don't you

think it's time to take our relationship to the next level?

Anna: Travis you know that night at the gym meant nothing, you know that


Travis: Anna, no I guess not, it might have not meant anything to you, but

it meant a lot to me. Anna, you mean a lot to me.

Anna: I'm sorry Travis, but I going through some trust issues right now,

after Juan and everything, I think it's best that you give me some space.

Travis: Space. I'm sorry but I can't do that, I'm nothing like Juan.

Anna: I'm not saying you are, I just want.

Travis: You just want what? Lately, Anna you've been getting what you want a

lot. What about me, is it because I'm 16.

Anna: No, age has nothing to do with it.

Travis: Then, what, Anna please tell me.

Anna: Why can't you just leave that topic alone! I can't trust anybody now,

why can't you put that in your head.

Travis: Because, I know your just mad at Juan, and I'm going to prove to you

that I am more of a man than him, or anybody else. Anna, I don't need you to

trust me yet, I need you to love me.

Anna: Travis I'm sorry, but I can't.

Travis: You can't or you won't?

Anna: I can't.

Travis: Why? Tell me why! ( He grabs her arms.)

Anna: Because, I don't love you.

Travis: I know you do, And your going to admit it!

Anna: I can't admit anything, because Travis I don't love you, and if you

can't accept just being friends, then maybe you should let me go.

Travis: Anna, how can you say this to me after everything we've been

through, what you still have feelings for Juan?

Anna: No, don't do that to me, I hate him, I hate him!

Travis; Then, why are you treating me like him?

Anna: I'm treating you like Travis, because that's who you are Travis!

Travis: Kiss Travis, then.

Anna: Travis, no.

Travis: Kiss me!! ( Travis shakes Anna.)

Anna; Travis, you're scaring me. Do you want me to treat you like Juan,

because you're acting like him!

Travis: Anna, what is wrong with you?!

Anna: What is wrong with me, what is wrong with you? I'm trying very hard

not to say what's on my mind, abut you are pushing it and you are about to

push me over the edge.

Travis: Just say it, Anna! It couldn't be worse than what your putting me

through now, say it!

Anna: Travis, I hate you! (Anna exits. Lights down.)

Scene 23 ( Lights up, Anna walks center stage.)

Anna: Can you believe him, it's like potty training a baby, they never want

to learn.

( Lights down.)

Scene 24 ( Lights up, at Anna's house.) ( Anna enters.)

Mary: I got mom to sign it.

Anna: Just forget it, I'm not doing it.

Mary: What's wrong, what happened?

Anna: Travis, doesn't want to be my partner.

Mary: Anna, I can tell that's not all, what happened? Did Travis do

something to you?

Anna: No, I just don't want to talk about it.

Mary: I'm your sister, talk to me. (They both sit on the couch.)

Anna: Travis has feelings for me, I told him I didn't feel the same way, but

he wouldn't listen, and I said something horrible.

Mary: What did you say?

Anna: I said " Travis, I hate you!", but I didn't mean it. I still want to

be friends, with him, but I can't love you. What do you think?

Mary: I think you should admit that you love, Travis.

Anna: But, I don't you sound just like him.

Mary: Admit it, you have feelings for him.

Anna: Okay, for your satisfaction I do have feelings for Travis, I love


Mary: I knew it, now go tell him that.

Anna: Mary, no I knew I should not have said anything.

Mary: Well, if you guys aren't going to dance together, then dance by


Anna: I can't.

Mary: Look at me, you can do this, for me!

Anna: Okay, I'll try.

Mary: You'll do great!

Anna: I love you, Mary.

Mary: I love you too. (They hug.

Scene 25 (In the kitchen.)

Mom: Hey.

Anna: I thought you were still mad with me.

Mom: I am, but I think I can let it go, tell me what's going on in your


Anna: I don't know where to start.

Mom: Start what with whatever makes you comfortable.

Anna: Travis loves me, but I don't know if I can love him back.

Mom: Think with your heart, not with your mind, and if you can't do that

then don't think at all.

Anna: Mom, I have one more question.

Mom: What is it?

Anna: Why are you being so nice to me?

Mom: Well, I've been doing some thinking and I know I haven't been the

nicest person around, to you, but I love you Anna, and I want you to know


Anna: I know, I love you too.

(Lights down, scene change.)

Scene 26 ( At school. Lights up. Anna enters.)

Juan: Anna! (Anna keeps walking.) I'm not going to do this every time I try

to talk to you.

Anna: Then, don't talk to me!

Juan: I'm not going to do that, you know what you are going to do for me ,

you are going to take me to your sister, or else.

Anna: Is this what you do to girls? Make them do what you want, well your

not doing it to me! (Anna, starts to walk away, but Juan grabs her.

Juan: No, I'll show you what I do to girls who don't listen, I put them in

their place.

(Juan starts hitting, and kicking Anna, repeatedly, Anna tries to escape,

but fails.)

Juan: Tell any one and you are dead! (He exits. Lights down. Scene change.)

Scene 27 ( At the house, Mary is preset, reading. Doorbell rings.)

Mary: Who is it?

Travis: It's, Travis.

Mary: Oh. (Mary opens the door.)

Travis: Hey, have you seen, Anna?

Mary: No, shouldn't she be in school?

Travis: I can't find her though, and shouldn't you be in school too.

Mary: We don't have classes today at my school.

Travis: Well, tell me if you see her.

Mary : Wait, Travis!

Travis: Yeah?

Mary: Anna, told me about how you love her.

Travis: Oh.

Mary: She told me that she secretly feels the same way, too.

Travis: I knew, it.

Mary; But, don't tell her I told you.

Travis: I won't, it's just good to know, I have to get back to school.

Mary: Okay, bye. ( Lights down, scene change.)

Scene 28 ( Lights up, at Anna's house. Mom is sweeping, she grabs her chest,

and collapses. Mary enters.)

Mary: Mom? Mom! I'm going to get help. (Takes out cell phone. Lights down.

Scene change.)

Scene 29 ( At Anna's house, Anna enters, covering her face.)

Mary: Oh, Anna, mom is in the hospital, she had a heart attack, the doctors

say her heart is giving out and she may die, soon, I'm so scared.

Anna: Oh.

Mary: Anna, what's wrong?

Anna: Nothing, just tired.

Mary: Why are you covering your face?

Anna: I have a headache, I'm going to my room. ( Mary pulls Anna's hand


Mary: Oh my gosh, Anna, what happened ?!

Anna: Nothing.

Mary: Who did this to you?

Anna: I don't.

Mary: It was Juan wasn't it, Anna tell me. ( Anna nods.) I knew it, I'm

going to handle this.

Anna: No, If I couldn't handle it, what makes you think you can do any


Mary: I can try!

Anna: You try anything, and Juan might kill you.

Mary: So, your just going to let him get away with it.

Anna: I guess so.

Mary: Well, I'm not! (Lights down, scene change.)

Scene 30 (Hallway somewhere. Anna enters. Before she gets all the way on

stage she apply some make up to her eye.)

Anna: Hey.

Travis: Hey.

Anna: Can you do me a favor?

Travis: I guess.

Anna: Can you keep an eye on Mary, I don't want her getting herself in

trouble. Take her to school, those sort of things.

Travis: Why can't you do it?

Anna: Because, Mary won't like me following her everywhere.

Travis: So, me following her is suppose to make it better?

Anna: Can you do it or not?

Travis; Okay, I'll do it.

Anna: Thank you. (Lights down, scene changes.)

Scene 31 ( Outside of Mary's school.)

Mary: I need to grab a book out of my locker, I'll be right back.

Travis: Ok, make it quick, I'll be right here if you need me.

Mary: Ok, I'll be right back. ( Lights down, scene change.)

Scene 32 ( Inside Mary's school, lights up.)

Mary: Juan?

Juan: You told me to meet you here. Why?

Mary: I saw what you did to my sister.

Juan: She told you?

Mary: She didn't have to, you gave her a black eye and so many bruises.

Juan: She made me do it. (Juan gets closer.)

Mary: She didn't make you do anything, you did it yourself, you're a


Juan: No, don't call me that!

Mary: You are a monster!

Juan: No! (He slaps her.) You see what you did, your sister did the same

thing, why can't you guys just shut up when I tell you?

Mary: I'm calling the police, to report you, and your not going to stop me!

Juan: You're not going anywhere! ( Juan pulls out a knife, before he stabs

Mary, lights go down, you hear a scream. Lights up.)

Mary: Whyy.? (Mary falls on Juan.) Why me?

Juan: You did this, you did this! (He exits.)

(Travis enters.)

Travis: Mary are you, ok? Mary! (He runs over to her.) Oh no, Mary! You're

okay, please be okay!

Mary: Travis, I'm okay.

Travis: Mary, you are bleeding.( He holds the spot where she is bleeding.)

(Travis pulls out his cell phone and dials 911.)

Travis: She is bleeding, come to Clippert Academy, hurry. ( He puts the

phone away.) Mary: If I don't make it tell Anna, and mom that I love them so


Travis: Mary, you'll make it. Just keep those eyes open, your sister is

going to kill me.

Mary: Travis, calm down.

Travis: Keep talking to me.

Mary: Ok, I want you and Anna to be together, you love each other.

Travis: Keep talking, Mary.

Mary: Okay. (Paramedics arrive.)

Paramedic 1: What's the patient's name?

Travis: Mary Carter. ( Paramedic 1 walks over to Mary.)

Paramedic 1: Mary?

Mary: Yes?

Paramedic 1: Your going to be fine, let me take a look. Ok, let's get her to

the bus. (He walks over to Travis, as Paramedic 2 and 3 pick Mary up and

carry her off stage.)

Paramedic 1: She'll be fine.

Travis: Thank you. (Lights down, scene change.)

Scene 33 (At a funeral.)

Anna: I can not believe she's dead, already. She wasn't even that old, how

can something like this happen to a person at this age. Mary has a play

today, that she just can't miss, so she wouldn't be able to make it.

Samantha: I'm so sorry, but I have to go.

Anna: Ok, bye.( Samantha exits. Travis enters.)

Travis: I'm so sorry, Anna. ( He hugs her.)

Anna: You! You did this. You're the reason why Mary is dead. ( Anna starts

pounding on Travis's chest.) You did this to her!

Travis: I'm sorry.

Anna: Sorry isn't going to bring Mary back! She's gone, and you killed her!

Travis: No, I didn't, I didn't know where she went.

Anna: Why did you leave her alone? You took her away from me!

Travis: Do you want me to tell you what your sister told me?

Anna: What?

Travis: She wants you and I to be together. (Travis grabs Anna's hand.)

Anna: You're lying, you are a liar just like Juan!

Travis: It's the truth.

Anna: You are so selfish! My sister just died and you are still coming on to


Travis: Anna, Mary already told me that you have feelings for me.

Anna: I did! Are you happy now, I did, but every time you do this, you push

those feelings away.

Travis: Do what, Anna! What do I do?

Anna: You try to make me feel a way that I don't want to feel, at the wrong

moments. When I say I can't love you, I can't, I won't, and I'm not going to

love you. You scream in my face, and make me feel uncomfortable, every time

we talk I'm scared of you, I can't do that anymore. I was hoping that we

could just be friends, but I guess that's not enough for you. I got to do

what makes me feel good first, not what makes others feel good, when I'm

not happy.

Travis: Anna, I can't lose you!

Anna: You already did, you lost my love, my friendship, and my trust. Why

are you doing this to me? I'm not that special.

Travis: Anna, you are not special you are beyond special. I love the way

your eyes sparkle when you flash your beautiful smile. The way you always

have your dark brown hair in the most perfect ponytails ever. Most, of all I

love that you forgive so much.

Anna: But, that isn't enough for you.

Travis: Why are you being so difficult, do you want me to get on my knees

and beg.

Anna: No, I don't! I want you to leave me alone, and I am not being

difficult, I just know what I want , and I don't want you. (Travis gets on

his knees in the begging position.) What are you doing?

Travis: I am begging for your forgiveness.

Anna: Please, your embarrassing yourself.

Travis: But you are worth the embarrassment.

Anna: You are worth nothing. ( Anna exits, Lights down.)

Scene 34 (At the gym, lights up.)

Judge 1: Anna Carter?

Anna: Yes?

Judge 2: You may begin. (Music up, Anna doesn't dance, Judge stops the

music.) What's wrong?

Anna: Nothing, play the music again, please.

Judge 1: Ok. (Music up, Anna dances, and cries a little bit, music stops

when she is done.)

Judge 1: That was great, you got it!

Judge 2: Yeah, that was good, we will mail you the information, okay.

Anna: Thank you. (Anna runs off stage crying.)

Scene 35 ( Anna's house, Lights up.)

Anna: Mom?

Mom: Yes?

Anna: Mom, I need to talk to you about something.

Mom: What's bothering you?

Anna: I'm confused, about who to blame for Mary's death. I tried to blame

Travis, but now I'm starting to think that this was all my fault.

Mom: No, you had nothing to do with what happened, it is not Travis's fault

either. You can't blame yourself.

Anna: Yeah, mom I can. Remember the boy that attacked Mary, he hit me, and I

think he killed Mary, because of it.

Mom: What is his name, and where does he live?

Anna: Juan, he lives upstairs.

Mom: Oh my god. (Doorbell rings.)

Juan's mom: Um, I was wondering if you've seen my son Juan.

Mom: Your son killed my daughter.

Juan's mom: What?

Mom: Your demon child killed my daughter, and attacked my other daughter!

Juan's mom : Whoa, don't blame my son for your daughter's death, , maybe you

should keep an eye on your daughters. That one probably deserved it, and

the other one probably wanted to die.

Mom: My daughter didn't want to die, your son killed her, get out of my

house. Get out!

Juan's mom: Well, if you see him call me.

Mom: No, I'll call the police if I see him so he can rot in jail. ( Lights


Scene 36 ( In a warehouse.)

Anna: Juan? Come out here now!

Juan: I'm here.

Anna: Did you kill , Mary?

Juan: What if I did?

Anna: Answer me, now! (Anna pulls out a gun.)

Juan: Yeah, I killed her, come on Anna I know you are not going to shoot me

Anna: Why can't I? It seems like you can blame it on the victim, so I can

just say that you made me do it.

Juan: Anna, I killed her, I stabbed her, she deserved it, you guys deserved

everything. You guys both did this to yourselves, I just put you in your


Anna: Did you forget that I'm the one holding the gun? ( Travis enters.)

Travis: Anna? Anna, what are you doing?!

Anna: He killed Mary, he killed my sister!

Travis: Anna, don't do this, it won't make anything better.

Anna: I don't care! (Lights down, you hear a gunshot, lights up, Travis

falls to the ground.)

Anna: No, Travis!

(Juan pulls out a knife.)

Juan: You see what you did, your next!

(Lights down, two shots fired. Juan is dead, Anna runs over to Travis.)

Anna: Travis!

Travis: I'm, okay, it's just my shoulder.

Anna: Travis, I have something to say.

Travis: What is it?

Anna: Travis I will never just love you, but I will always be in love with


Travis: It's funny, I had to get shot for you to admit it.

Anna: At least your not dead.

Travis: I'm glad I'm alive so everyday I can see your beautiful face. I

love you, Anna.

Anna: I love you, Travis. (They kiss for real, lips touch and everything.

Lights down.)

Scene 37 ( cast enters.)

( Anna and Travis step up.)

Anna and Travis get married when Anna turned 18, after Anna got pregnant,

and Anna became a professional choreographer.

(Anna and Travis step back, Juan's mom steps up.)

Juan's mother had been admitted to an insane asylum, after she recalled

seeing Juan, her son. (Juan's mom steps back, Anna's mom steps up.)

Anna's mom died. (Anna's mom steps back, Samantha steps up.)

Samantha and Anna remain best friends, and Samantha opens up a dance school.

( Lights down.)

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