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Why I review. What I want to give and get from this activity.
For several days I've thought and entertained ideas about reviewing, why I enjoy this activity, and what I expect to give and receive. Editing these words to make my ideas more clear I realize when I first wrote this it was more than lame. It was at least a start.

The most important realization I have gained over the years is that when I read, write, or review I am actually combining all of these activities and adding the spice of helping a fellow writer. This is a great recipe that has a wonderful ripple effect.

When I write I check for mistakes frequently whenever I can stop writing. This helps me to be as accurate and precise with conveying to the reader what I want to share. It is important to me for the person who takes their time to read what I write to fully understand my meanings and intent. I probably have you wondering; "what is all this wordage about writing when the subject is supposed to be about reviewing?"

In my opinion and experience, it is very important to be a good writer who can share accurately and thoroughly with the reader all important aspects of what is being written about. Also, equally important is the ability to be able to read and understand the words, meanings of the words, and the entire picture which is being painted using words. Having the drive to learn and research will help you and me become very good at these pursuits. A good education is vital and a process that we start early in our childhood. Reading and writing are two of the subjects that allow us to build the skills needed to become good at reading, writing, and reviewing.

Every individual has their own talent(s). Everyone receives instruction, comments, or constructive criticism differently. After years of studying, observing, and researching people and how words and approaches affect us, I try to share what works for me with whomever is interested in what I have to say to them. I thrive on sharing information, suggestions, and helping people have a better life experience and improve what they are doing. I could have said
"what they are trying to do". Usually, I prefer to leave out the "try" because I want to encourage people to do.

When I review, I think about how I would want to be treated and how I would want someone to write a review for what I write. Sharing my experience of what works for me, what I like, how something seems to me, and similar approaches are what I would want to be done for me. I like suggestions based on "if I were dropping this, I would do that". Or this works well for me because.....so that I'm sharing up close and personal my experiences and how I make things work well for me and the readers I'm expecting to read what I write. Writing a review is a lot like talking with someone who you are helping accomplish a task.

Think about a friend who is working on something. They want to know what you think. When you tell them your experience and what you think about the project, how you would make changes, and why for example, most likely they will be thankful for your help. We are friends helping friends write here, so let's learn from each other and share what we feel, think, and know which will help each other.

This is a work in progress, so please pick it apart. I know if I read it now I will find much which I will change. Be my friend and brainstorm all your ideas, suggestions, likes, and dislikes. When I review, have my writing reviewed, and share by reviewing I learn a huge amount of useful information about many techniques, styles, and other writing-related information. Oh, whenever you write ore review, jump in and let your thoughts flow, then revise as needed. I have let my thoughts flow freely while writing this paragraph. Sometimes I have to type a large amount of content to be certain I don't forget anything and then I read the words and make changes. Other times I can write a small amount, read, and make changes, then go back to writing.

This is getting more sloppy because I do not want to forget the thoughts which are in my head. Now I'm caught up with everything, getting tired, and will have to stop for a rest. Tomorrow I may or may not return to this project. I have another project which I MAY WORK ON TOMORROW. oops, hit the caps lock. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can prevent hitting the caps lock?

Reviewing requires reading, writing, creating, and organizing the work which will help the person write who reads the review become a better writer. I had another sentence or two to share, however, I temporarily forget how to edit my writings and so lost the valuable time for writing these thoughts. Unfortunately, these thoughts have vanished. I hope to be able to put them into written form in this article.
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