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by Harry
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An enigmatic storoem about a young girl scheduled to have cancer surgery.
The man and his young daughter walked
through shaded woods along a trail.
He filled the forest with small talk
to distract the girl, so weak and pale,

from thoughts of her operation.
She has always loved the deep woods
and requested this vacation
while it was still among her “coulds.”

“Dad, do you think that my cancer
will be cured, or probably not?”
“I have faith; yes is my answer.”
Her survival was a long shot …

The man wiped a tear from his eye.
A green glow filled the glen ahead.
“Let’s see what that is, but please try
to stay hidden.” The glow turned red.

They crept closer to peek at the glow.
Suddenly an orb rose overhead.
A light beam lifted her in its tow.
Her body glowed green and then red.

She rose six feet above the ground.
Her father was unable to move.
Then came a sharp, ear-piercing sound.
The orb laid her in a deep groove,

a groove pulsating with green light.
As soon as the light faded away,
the girl said, “Dad, I’ll be all right
and live long because of today.”

She awoke in her hospital bed,
Dad asleep in a nearby chair.
An orderly burst in, “Sleepyhead,
time for surgery. I’ll take you there.”

“Dad, I had this wonderful dream.
Everything will be fine, I know.”
Dad smiled, kissed her, tried to seem
confident about what she must undergo.

As his daughter was wheeled away,
the father kept up his brave show.
He recalled what she had had to say,
and he noticed her face’s strange glow.

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