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Assignment 5
Kara stood at the window in the kitchen peering out at the foliage of her backyard. She ran straight for the unopened bottle of red wine that awaited her in the refrigerator. She stood there, rubbing the back of her neck, twirling the stem of the wine glass between her fingers.

“Hard day at work?” She startled, turned to find Derek standing in the doorway; his beautiful brown eyes gazing into hers.

She smiled at him and turned back to look out the window, “Yeah, it was a tough day.”

Derek sidled up behind her, his arms wrapping around her waist, his body pressing up against her, chin resting on her shoulder. She closed her eyes, leaning back into his warmth, breathing in his familiar cologne. His warm breath fluttered against her neck as he said, “I’m sorry to hear that babe.”

She hugged his arms to her; he pulled away grabbing onto the wine glass in her hand. Keeping his hand on her waist, he leaned back and placed it on the counter. “I know just what you need,” he said as he leaned back into her pressing his lips to her neck.

Her eyebrows lifted as she turned her head toward him, “Oh? Just what do I need Derek?”

He turned her in his arms, gazing into her bright blue eyes and simply said, “Me.”

Kara’s breath left her as Derek quickly leaned in and captured her lips with his own. His soft sensuous lips played over hers masterfully, starting their exploration softly. His warm, strong, hands encircled her waist. He lifted her onto the counter, settling his body in between her knees.

Tilting his head, Derek’s tongue swept out along Kara’s lower lip. Her hands slowly rose up his back in a soft caress to the nape of his neck. Her fingers twining into his soft raven curls, applying a little pressure to the back of his head; she opened for him.

Excitement hummed through her body. Their tongues met. Dancing, swirling, twisting, and exploring each other’s mouths. Kara moaned at the taste of him…heavenly. She nipped at his succulent lips as he pulled back to trail feather light kisses across her cheek, tracing her jaw, down to her neck.

She tilted her head to the side to accommodate him and reveled in the sensation of his teeth scraping against the sensitive flesh of her neck. Chills ran up her spine, her nipples hardened in response. He bit down, hard.

A low growl escaped him, vibrating against her throat. She gasped, eyes widening as Derek tore open the front of her blouse exposing her black lacy bra, buttons flying. She shuddered, eyes fluttering, he leaned in, his lips wrapping around her lace covered nipple.

He sucked her taut pink tip through the lacy mesh of her bra, soaking it, the flesh straining to come through the thin fabric, aching to be released. His teeth lightly clamped down, grinding. He looked up at her, gazed into her half-lidded hungry eyes. He rolled her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pulled. She gasped, moaning her pleasure, throwing her head back.

He slowly pushed up her skirt, caressing her thighs as he worked his way to her sex. She shuddered, writhing in anticipation as he came closer. His index finger wrapped around the crotch of her lacy panties, he pulled hard, ripping it, almost pulling her off the countertop. She screamed and quickly righted herself.

Derek leaned into her, forcing her to place her hands on the countertop for leverage. He kissed her roughly, groaning, as his fingers found the glistening center of her. She inhaled deeply, whimpering as Derek’s thumb pressed against her clit. He slid two fingers into her already dripping love tunnel. He pulled away.

In his rough masculine voice he said, “Oh you’re so fucking wet, dripping for me already.” He massaged her clit with his thumb as his fingers slid in and out of her opening. He reached down to the drawer just underneath her, pulling it open. He pulled out a bag of clothespins. Her eyes widened.

“Well what do you know….toys,” he smiled devilishly as he continued to torment her with his fingers. He pulled out two clothespins, slapping them on the counter beside her. “We are going to have fun babe.” He pinched her nub between his thumb and forefinger, hard. Her face went slack, eyes fluttering, her body sagging back onto her arms. “Do you want to have fun, babe?”

“Yes,” her eyes blinking rapidly, chest heaving, her sex tightening around his fingers.

He pulled out a wooden spoon, slapping it onto the counter her making her flinch, “You do not cum until I say you can. You understand?”


“Very good, do you remember the safe word?”


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