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by Amay
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Many decisions are made up on Sunset Mountain
Sunset Mountain

Sarah sat alone at the top of Sunset Mountain. In her pocket, she carried an envelope. Two hours ago she’d met the attorney at the bottom of the mountain. His directive, “Open the letter at the top of the mountain. You’ll need to read the letter and have a decision by the time you reach the ranger station. I’ll meet you there in four hours."

She climbed the familiar mountain with ease. It wasn’t much of a mountain anymore; erosion over billions of years made it more of a big hill in the middle of a plain, than a mountain. The view was still an impressive sight. The river snaked across the fertile farmland below.

Upon this rock, so many wonderful events of her life happened. At five she experienced the exhilaration of hang gliding in tandem with her dad, at sixteen the wonder of her first kiss with Adam, at twenty-two she brought the love of her life here to see her favorite spot, at twenty-four he proposed on this very rock, at twenty- five the preacher stood inches from the cliff and pronounced them man and wife. Now at thirty, she sat alone at the top of Sunset Mountain.

She checked the time, and decided to get on with it. She opened the envelope, sighed briefly, and pulled out the handwritten letter.

My Darling Sarah,
I guess you’re wondering why I’ve written you, and had you brought here. Sarah, just remember, no matter what, I love you and will always love you. My love will surround you.
You’ll never, ever be alone.

Her hands started to shake; she took a deep breath and started to read again.

I haven’t been totally honest with you.

The shaking worsened; she couldn’t see the words for the tears in her eyes. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve and tried again.

Sarah, I hope you’ll understand, but you’ve always been honest and true with me, while I’ve worn a mask of deception. I’ve been undercover for years. Addison will explain when you meet him. He’s an old friend. He’ll make sure you have everything you ever need, no matter what you decide.

I know you’ve buried me, another deception, but I was there watching over you.

Darling, I’m giving you the choice, your freedom to come and go as you please, or will you join me? Will you leave your family and come to me?

With all my love,


Sarah cried rubbing her baby bump. “You let me think you were dead for weeks. I buried you, and you were there?” She screamed to the heavens, “Do I go to him, and live another lie? Or, stay here and never tell him about his child.”

She fought with hormonal emotions, making her decision during the mile long hike.

Her flushed tear stained face said it all when she entered the station. “Tell him no. This is where I belong.” She walked back to her car, alone.


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