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My views on Princess Diana and Princess/Duchess Kate.
I love the royal family. They fascinate me.Since Prince William and Kate got married, I have been thinking of Princess Diana. I loved Princess Diana. Diana. She was the People's Princess and a woman of fashion. She was involved in charities. A true Princess. I really loved her. I have a Princess Diana porcelain doll dressed in a velvet navy blue dress, pearls, her crown and she was so beautiful. I also have a Princess Diana plate, music box and all some books of her in the beautiful dresses she wore. A Princess we all loved and admired. I was so sad when she was killed in that auto accident. Our Princess was gone and I cried and still grieve for her.

Princess Diana took her sons to McDonalds and went everywhere with them just like a normal mother would. When people bowed, she would tell them not to do that and offer her hand in friendship. She didn't act like royalty. I think that made us love her more. The day she died. I watched the funeral and cry. I cried worse when Elton John sang Good Bye England's Rose. She was truly a rose.

I watched the Wedding of Prince William and Kate and thought of Princess Diana. We can't forget Prince Charles and Diane's Wedding. They are comparing Kate to Princess Diana. I say let Kate be herself. She has been a Princess and Duchess two months. She will make her own mark in the world. She has beauty and grace. She doesn't care for fashionable clothes like Princess Diana but she was a beautiful bride. She does dress very pretty and doesn't try to call attention to herself. She does her own grocery shopping. That is something to admire in a Princess and Duchess. She looks so good with Prince William and they look so happy. I am sure they are. It was like we were part of something special as we watched the Royal Wedding on TV. It was like watching your favorite fairy tale movie and loving every minute of it.

I am sure Princess Diana would be happy with Kate. Kate seems so sweet and she loves Prince William and that is what Princess Diana wanted for her children. For them to fall in love and get married and be happy as well as healthy. Her sons don't want for nothing. Princess Diana had that security for her children.

I will soon have a Princess/Duchess porcelain Kate Wedding doll to add to my collection. I think I will put her with Princess Diana. I have a thing for Medieval times and to know {not personally but close enough} two Princesses in my life time, that is enough to enter my world of Princesses, royalty and fairy tales. I admire these two women. I hope you do, too.

When I think of a Princess, I think of story book Princesses and the daughters of Kings and Queens who lived a long time ago. A Princess is admired and looked up to. I have no doubt Kate will be that kind of Princess. She will dance at balls and be like Cinderella. Princess-Duchess Kate and Prince William. A love story and a fairy tale. Yes! I read the story of Kate and William and it is one of my favorite books that I own. I admire and love Princess Diana and Duchess-Princess Kate. I am sure the future of England is in good hands with Prince William and his lady Princess Kate. God Bless them and England.

Beautiful Royal Wedding couple and coach image by best friend Angel.

Beautiful Poser of me by best friend Angel.
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