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by Allie
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Ok so I have just started to draft the first page of my Novel, so please read and help me?
I stirred in my sleep, waking my body from a not to peaceful dream. It’s always the same, a dark alley, myself and a man. But all I can see is his shadow. Nothing more than that, but there is an attraction there and I can feel the compulsion in my body towards him and then I wake. Back in my bedroom, I turned hazily to look at my alarm clock 3:47 a.m. well that’s just peachy. I sat up in my double bed briskly brushing my bed head hair out of my face.
I turn to see my mobile flashing on my laminate floor. I obviously knocked it off my side table in my sleep again. I picked it up off the floor and saw nine missed, Darla. I pressed the call button hoping she would pick up.
“Hellllloooooo!” She didn’t even let the phone ring, talk about being an eager beaver.
“Well good morning to you too, you do realise it is early morning over here Darla?” I asked coarsely, I cleared my throat in order to make myself not sound so tired.
“I know and I am truuuly sorry,” her American accent rang through my ears “but some news is worth waking up to y’know Allie!”
“Okay don’t tell me, you found a guy, slept with him and now you love him?” I stabbed at her. I didn’t mean to be rude but it was getting on to four in the morning, I only finished work two hours ago.
“Harsh. But yes along those lines. I’m getting married!” I dropped my phone on the floor and I tried to catch it and fell off my bed. “Alicia? You okay babe?”
I scrambled up off the floor and placed my phone to my ear. “Peachy. But Darla, marriage? How long have you actually known this guy for?”
“Since I got here, about a month ago. But he’s the one Allie, I know it!”
“Look Darla, I love you, but I need more sleep, I’ll call you when I’m human again okay?”
“Okaaayy, speak soon love you too.” She mumbled and hung up on me. I climbed back into bed and I let sleep engulf my body.

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