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My own Fairy Tale
There once was a man
who tried so hard to understand.
He wanted nothing more, nothing less.
He searched far and wide, never stopping to rest.

He searched for miles.
He climbed the highest mountain
while letting the blood stain.
And through every endeavor, only a smile.

He came across a castle;
looking closer, he noticed a tassel
of a brown curl
turning away from the world.

He fought hard to tear down her walls.
He pulled back all her layers
and all he could hear were her sad prayers.
She asked innocently for someone to answer her calls.

He looked up from where he stood,
and curiously saw that if he could
pull back one last score,
he would see through to her core.

He gently pulled back the brown tassel
and lifted her chin, revealing blue eyes.
Eyes filled with pain and betrayal from years of lies
convincing her she wasn't worth the hassle.

A silent tear paved a track down her face.
With his finger, he began to trace
the pain to its origin.
He wanted to teach her to begin again.

He wiped away her burning tear
and picked up her hand, asking her to dance.
While they danced he was able to steal a glance
at her eyes so filled with fear.

He smiled at her and said,
"There is nothing for you to fear," as he lead
her across the room and, almost for awhile,
he could have sworn he saw her smile.
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