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Awe of God in my relationship
He brought beautiful back into my life and once again my future has been revived.

For the overflowing pressures released through the kind words that bypassed through his lips and soared into

my atmosphere bringing the love of Christ frequencies into my realm.

I understood that he was a part of everything I wasn’t, everything that would open up my nothings to start my

beginning, nothing new just apart from something.

He was my rock, I spiritually invited him in because I Loved him. Him as in he, and one solitary movement

changed my moments into an everlasting blessing. How I could never forget him, Him as in he.

I like to think in such a knowing manner that he Loved me too.

And in such great awe it seem like our seconds paused into a timeless realm as I observed us falling in Love

with one another.

God Loves me.

And Him as in he found me. Could I be his Ruth because I discovered he has a heart as Boaz, strong as the

strength of Samson’s hair and after God’s own very heart, just like David, Him as in he has been named, He is

called Nehemiah just as he that rebuild’s cities, because he rebuilt the city of my mind, and purified my

heart and brought beautiful back into life.
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