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Viewing the start of life through photography...in another dimension of thought.

I view the pictures of the past.

The lines and different aspects of the angles.

How the shadow tends to follow, making the Individual fade behind the hidden truths of the picture.

It's simply, a memento

How the picture itself has the will to shape the every design to fit your imagination.

I feel the empathy for thoughts of the picture

It's as though I can touch it with my scent, I smell the bittersweet of it golden youth.

As aged wine I taste it without no understanding.

Oh how the photograph wants to show it's potential growth.

While the Individual is caught without no prescience idea yet ready for that moment.

and as they both cross, it interferes with the light of it's disposition.

Leaving us shaping the photograph of the Individual.

It's just a reminder, that shows the flaws of the photograph and the faults the Individual accepted to remain just.

Unethical to the Ethics of behavior and politically correct for the mistakes of the natural state of beauty.

Lustful Admiration, a sinless crime that leaves the photograph caught in solitude wanting to escape the invincible act that it produces.

It's just a memento,

A reminder

That All give birth, to things that die.
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