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Jared the fox chronicles 1

Jared the fox chronicles

by ~JaredtheFox92

Sonic adeventures:the Jared the fox chronicles

(note the following is a non profit fan based "fan fiction",all origional Sonic Charecters and cenerios are Owned By The Sonic Team and SEGA.)

It was a windy Monday at Jared the fox's house/lab.Jared the fox was in his room playing on his Jbox 240.He was making good progress building 2 "Retangles of Light" on his base,in Counquering Commanders,his favorite vidio game.Suddenly his room started to rumble so He looked up to see the roof of his house gone and a gigantic anthrapamorphic cats face stareing down at him!Normally this would be scareing someone to death,but he knew that this was only his best friend Candice the Cat,and She was born with the ability to self magnifiy."How are you doing today Candice?,Jared the fox said in a puzzeled way."."Not good,Jared,We need to find Melissia",The giantess voice boomed over him.O.k Let me just save my-he barely saved his vidio game,and turned his game off when a giant gloved hand went down and gentely picked him up.Then the gigantic female cat started to walk towards the woods.Jared pushed a button on his "power gloove",and his roof levetated right back on to his house."So,Candice  whats the Rush?My Sister has been missing for some time now."."Oh,im sorry Jared the fox said out of sympathy".Thats ok we will find her Candice replied.They reached a small wooded area with a house in it,and they saw a red haired headgehog asleep on a big Boulder outside.Candice gently put Jared the Fox on the ground and shrank herself with her mind until she was normal sized again.Jared the fox then pushed a buttion on his "Power Gloove" and it made an alarm clock sound.Melissia the headgehog woke up and immeditaly sent her hand on anouther large rock right next to it smashing it to peaces,(thinking it was her alarm clock,which Jared the fox is always happy to rebuild when she smashes them,Its more of his hobby to fix thease clocks really.)."Huh?!"said a drowsey red anthraphamorphic female headgehog."oh hi Jared."Said Mellisa Wakeing up.Melissa,as you know Candices Sister "Blaze",Has been Missing,and we thought you would come along to help us find Her!."Do you think you know where she might be Jared?",candice asked in a stressful tone."Well I recall her Telling you she was Looking For The Sol Emeralds,and I have a theroey where she is…..shes probibly got captured by Eggman NEGA!"With This Candice the Cat Started to wheep causing her to shrink in size(she shrinks when she is sad or crying,an unfortunite Side effect of her "Gift")."Do Not worry, candice will find her!said Jared the fox.With that Candice started to cheer up."OK!",Said Melissia the hedgehog,Lets go recue your Sister!".Jared the fox then pushed a buttion on his power glove he made and in a field next to Mellisas house a ship landed on a patch  of flat ground next to her house.So Mellissa the Hedgehog,Candice the cat,and Jared the fox all boarded Jareds the foxes ship,Which he dubbed the "Skyfox".So then when everyone was on the ship it started to take off and headed Nourth.While piolting his aircraft Jared the fox started to breif his friends on his plan to rescue Candices Sister Blaze."ok heres the plan,We will have to go through the Driftsnow Mountains to be able to infiltrate Eggmans Negas Base.Driftsnow Mountains why are we going through the Driftsnow Mountains?!Candice asked.Because the,(Jared the Fox Started to talk on about how the snow and the cold temputures would block radar,heat seaking missles,and how the weather would make automated drone aircraft crash,but not his aircraft due to his pilot skills,over and over again).It started to make mellisa sleepy,and she started to dose off.Just then the Ship started to rumble,and Jared the fox said they where under attack,because they where not in the Drift Snow mountains there for the drone could still attack Jared the foxes ship.So the Trio saw laser fire flying right past the window of the canope of the ship.Jared the fox told mellisa to push the big red buttion on the console on the front of her seat.Then a laser turret sprang on top of Jared the foxes Aircraft,and a joystick sprang out from the counsole dashboard infront of her Seat on the ship.Melissa!Man,Er Woman,ugh,You know grab that joystick and use my laser to shoot down the enemy "Nega Ships",(Eggman Negas Robotik interceptor ships).So Mellisa started to you th joystick to aim and fire at the enemy nega fighters.What Should I do Jared Said Candice the cat.Ugh you should,should??Oh you use the other control to shoo…Just then Candice opened the canope of the ship and proceded jump out of the ship and was skydiving.Both Jared and Melissia hearts stoped in fear of their best friend was about to fall to her death.But,then they where relived to see that in mid air from 100 ft in the air she used her growing powers to grow 100ft and her legs just touched the ground harmessly.She then proceded to start swating the enemy fighters like flys while Jared the Foxes ship made evasive manuvers and it started shooting its laser to counter attack  the remaining ships until the they where the only ship in the sky.While being 100ft tall she heard Jared the foxes voice on a special headset Jared the Fox gave her,(It was designed to enlarge it self when she would inlarge and could interpit the biggest or smallest frequency allowing her,Jared the fox,and Melissa the headgehog to talk with her without her not being able to hear them or,her gigantic voice box blasting out their eardrums).Ugh Candice We Got a problem I forgot to add a extra power battery to the ship and I forgot the battery of the laser cannons drains the power of the ship.We Will have to make an emergency landing!the ship started to lose altitude just as it reached the outskirts of the Drift Snow Mountains.Candice the cat while in her giant form started to chase the ship into a snowstorm that was sturring up.the ship started to lose power in the ship and then the engines shut off. The ship started streight out fall from the sky.Jared and mellisa started to scream for dear life.Luckily, before the ship hit the frosted ground below the ship was cought in mid air By a Giant gloved hand.Both Jared and Mellisa both took big breaths out of reliaf."Glad you where here Candice!"Said Jared the fox in gratitude.Candice made a loud giggle sound as she gently put the ship safely on the ground and Shrank her self to "Normal Size".So What we do we do now,were stranded in a snow storm with a useless aircraft Mellisa said.Well Mellisa I Spotted a cave while we where under atttack how about we wait there until the storm subsideds.Lets go there,oh Candice bring the ship with us will you please?Ok She said before growing gigantic again and gentely picking up the ship.She Started to follow behind Jared as he lead the way to the cave followed by Melissa.They reached the Cave Jared the fox was talking about,As Jared the fox went in to scout out the inside of the cave,Candice put down the shipnext to the cave enttrance,Sharnk to normal size,and then her and mellisa went inside the cave to make a fire.While Candice huddled around the fire talking about female things, they Heard Jared the foxes voice,"Hey guys come here quick!".Mellisa the headgehog ran deeper inside the cave to rescue Jared.Candice just waited watching the ship outside the cave entrance while trying to keep warm,(Candices Growth power was not a good idea in the cave).Melissa ran as fast as she could running right through large  rocks  and sclagtytes as she broke them with her super strengh,(Jared the fox must have carefully avoided the rock formations,by carefullying squesesing through the rocks).Melissa the headgehog finally reached where  Jared the fox was.Good you here Jared the fox Said,look what I found!I found this girl here!So what do you think we should do with her?asked melissa.Well we can't leave her here lets get her the cave entrace.So Jared the Fox picked the mysterious headgehog girl who was asleep on his back,while melissa started to break rocks to clear a path for them.

Back At the cave entrance Jared the fox brought the headgehog girl and placed her down on a sleeping mat next to the fire.He asked Candice to watch over her While He and Melissia Went onboard the ship to get medicale supplies and emergncy rations.Jared the fox was searching for the food supplies while Melissia The headghog was carrrying the heavy supplies,(due to mellisa super strengh she could carry the heavy metal boxes like they where weightless feathers).So Jared what do we do Next?We'll Melissia we were going to head towards Negas Base Tommorow,But finding this mysteerious Female Headgehog complicates things.I Suggest we go deaper into Drift Snow mountains And Drop Here off to An Old Friend of mines house,so he will take care of her.Old Friend Who Is he?! Melissia asked in curiosity.Oh His Name Is Shard,He is a Headgehog with the power of Cryokinisis.Cryokinisis Whats that?Asked Melissa.It is the ability to control Ice,Cold,Fog,Mist, and other things like that.So the next day Jared the Fox,Melissia the Headgehog,Candice the Cat,and the Mysterious secund headgehog girl Who Was still in a sort of stasis.started to head towards Shards House.Candice was in her giant form carrying the ship while Jared the fox was onboard the ship trying to keep the headgehog they found asleep warm.He Rerouted all the remaing energy he had in his ship to keep it warm,but because he was in the ship that wasn't flying But was being carried 100ft in the Air By his Best friend a giantess,Her Body Heat of her Giant hand Was Keeping the Ship Warm,Plus She Was Wearing her normal giant gloves Which Retained Heat,and released it onto the ship. In her hand.Melissa Was Walking in the Snow Behind Candice.(Melissa poses super endurence so she isn't affected by cold,and While Candice is in her Giant Form her Body Heat manginfys So She Isn't Cold or freezing,The only Real people who would be cold Is Jared the Fox,And The Asleep Headgehog they found,Which Jared Was Despertily Trying to keep her Warm,And Alive).When the four of them Reached Shard House,Candice put the ship down.And Waited outSide With Melissa to Guard the Ship.Shards House was covered in ice.Jared The Fox knocked on the cold Metal Door While Holding the Asleep Headgehog on his back inside Shards House.The Door opened inFront Of Jared the Fox And before him was a Dark/light blue headgehog.Hi! Shard Said Jared.Hello Jared.Said Shard quietly.Why are you Here?Asked Shard I need you to help me this girl we found needs to be cared for.ok. said shard in a curious tone.Come in my House Jared.O.K! Said Jared,oh let me get my friends if you please.O.k. Said Shard.Jared turned around and whistled then His friend melissa can rushing towards the house,the ground started to rumble a little when Jareds Giant Friend Candice walked to the house while shrinking Herself to normal Side.Then all five of them went into the house.The got in and the whole house was all blue and white inside there war a fireplace but it seemed to haven't been used in forever.Brr! its Cold! Said Candice(because she was her normal size and body temputure).Yeah That How Shard likes it.Is that Wrong to like the Cold Shard asked?
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