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by toder
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journey of life-an inter/inner-view to self.


Have u ever sit down a while and reviewed the journey of your life?Those who have done this and those who haven't done this-both please take a pause while you are free of all your work,sit down and relax on a quit place and write down the answer of the following questions.

1)Do u remember all your incidents which u experienced in each year of life?

{please start writing the headings of your memorable(good or bad)experiences year-wise.}

For example, from the 3rd year of my life i can recall:1,2,3 incidents.

                    In the 4th year of my life i did ______ things.

2)What is the 1st thought coming to your mind on your recalling of each incident.

3)Does the incident give you a happy movement/sad feelings/teach something/inspire you or any thing.

Please write down all these in a diary or on a paper.

please do this exercise till my next article comes.

We will share our experiences-you will be recalling your life and i'll be mine at the next artcle.

And then you can experience a new horizon of life.

good bye till the next one.   
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