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by Allie
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About my brother Shaun :')
My Brother

I don't think you will ever really realise how much you truly mean to me. And quite so, I don't think you realise how lucky you are to have me as your sister. I know everyone thinks we are just like every other brother and sister around, but we are Thomsons'. And yes before you go ahead and say 'What does that have to do with anything?' The truth is Shaun it defines us in so many ways, I mean you take one look at the Thomson family line and look at what they have been through together!

Shaun, in my seventeen years and eight months of living you are the closest friend as well as a brother I have! Who else can say they went through an affair, an unwanted divorce, our dad having another child, our granddad passing away, you having cancer at the age of fourteen and nearly losing you to two freaking brain tumors! All happening with in months of each and now Mum marrying a man I truly despise. Even through my GCSE's here I broke down you were there for me, when dad had the affair, you were there for me. After every thing Shaun, you were there for me. And I know at the current moment in time, I'm not talking to you, but it doesn't mean I hate you in fact it means the complete opposite. I care for you with all my heart.

I can safely say that there is no one in the world that I would have as a brother, I loved it when you and I were little and one christmas you dressed as Santa and went in my room with a black bag and put things in it, and then came into your bedroom and gave me things that I thought Santa was delivering to me, how you would take the blame for things I done when I was little because you didn't want to see me get in trouble with Dad. How we chased each other round the dining room table. . . Even now Shaun, we have immature moments, going around morrinsons say 'Shweppes' and 'Matt Damon' messing around in McDonalds. . .

I can also, proudly announce. That I am proud to call you my brother.

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