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Reading a fortune cookie brings up thoughts about wealth.
Fortune Cookie

Several nights ago, my son and I went out for Chinese dinner. I can't imagine having Chinese food without fortune cookies, or even not being curious about what special, or possibly cryptic, message might be inside.

Okay, so after we had our meal, we got that little tray with a few fortune cookies on them. He cracked his open, read it and then ate the cookie. I did the same. It had the predictable message. Mine said--You will be recognized for your creativity. I'm not sure what his said.

On the back of both of them, there were lucky lotto numbers. We'd usually tear open the package and curiously read it, but then toss it down on the table, forgotten.

This time I said, "Do you think we ought to try them?"

He said, "It can't hurt anything if you do." and then he adds, "If you win, you have to give me part of it."

I"m thinking, er...okay. Already got somebody's hand in my pocket and I haven't even won anything yet.

We walked by the liquor store, went right past it. I stopped and turned to him. "Oh darn. I should have bought the lotto tickets there while I remember.."

He looked back at me. "Are you going to do it?"

I hesitated. "Ah. No. We probably wouldn't win anything anyway."

The bus ride home was about as uneventful as a bus ride could be, while we were gently bounced around in our seats. About a half an hour later we got dropped off in front of a little market across from the bus stop we need to be at.

"Maybe I should run in and get a ticket or two. What do you think?" I said.

"I don't know. You decide. We still have at least twenty minutes to wait for the bus anyway. I'll watch our stuff while you go inside."

"Okay. I'll play three numbers, one game each for me and you."

Two days later I remembered i had the numbers and did a search. Sure enough, we didn't win and didn't even come close. What else is new?

Okay, so I blew two dollars there. It got me thinking about those people who have won big. I mean millions of dollars. I wondered how they fared.

If I remember right there was a guy in Florida that won a ton of money. He had so much that he was giving it to his granddaughter, plus buying her four cars, and a home. Months or maybe a few years went by. Soon this man's grand-daughter and her boyfriend were using the money on drugs and such and were hooked. It got out of hand, but she didn't think she had a problem.

It ended sadly because first her boyfreind overdosed, and next the girl disappeared, and was found later dead and wrapped up in some plastic. It's unclear just what happened there but it sure dont' sound good.

It's unfortunate that these two kids lives ended like that. and now this these two familys lost their children. The lottery winner meant well though, as many people do.

I researched some more as it made me more curious about what wealthy people do. I watched some videos on how the rich contribute to society. It was kind of interesting that some didn't give to charity as much or did it anonymously, but some built empires instead, created businesses so that people could work.

See. Now that's thinking. Rather than give it away, give them something lasting.

Out of all this, it reaffirmed what I already felt anyway. Joining together and helping others..contributing to community, and appreciating those things that money can't buy is worth more than any gold.

At the same time, you have to consider the consequences if you make a wrong decision, especially if those numbers on the back of the fortune cookie cause you to be a multi-millionaire..
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