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Rated: E · Non-fiction · Dark · #1801037
A dark secret two sisters find out about there beloved mom and dad and lies they have told
It was a late night and a group was walking home from the movies there was five of them 3 boys and 2 girls they were joking about the movie they went to see the guys were joking how lame it was the girls though it was so scary.  It was like ten minutes from midnight it was a cloudy night the stars were being blocked the only light was the streets lights they lived in a old town had some long history that hid some dark secret's that not many really knew of.  The lights started to blink on and off they all laughed and said it was just probully a fuse box near by that is broken so they ignored that but for a small second a dark shadows with red eyes watch them but soon as light went back on the shadows were gone.  When they got home the two girls went in first there dad was out of town but as they were going by his work place they heard his voice and someone else in there but he wasn't suppose to be home and he was speaking something they couldn't understand.  When the oldest sister by one year she was 18 the youngest was 17 hiding behind the couch in the other room while she snook to the door and peaked into the room saw there mom and dad ad two dark figures in there when it looked her way she backed away.

"Whats wrong?"


they said with a smile because it saw the oldest sister listening and looking in.

"So does your daughers know about us?"

"No they don't need to they think we out of town right now"

"Yeah thats what you think"



They continue talking while the sister crawled back to her sister and had a freaked out look in her eyes when she looked at her didn't talk for a couple seconds to get a breath then finally spoke.

"Mom and dad is home and there something evil they are talking to right now!"

"But sister mom and dad said they were going out of town"

"Well they lied.....now lets get out of here before they realize we home or come out of that room"


"Whatever they talking to is not right had a evil look when i looked and saw me!"

So they crawled to the door that led to the closet and waited until it sounded like everyone was gone and heard the door close to open the door.  4 hours went by and finally it sounded like they were leaving the 17 year old was up before the oldest too scared to even fall asleep not knowing what's going on right now.  The two girl's went there dad's work place he said they were never allowed in for some reason making up lies since they were young on why they can't go in yet there mom could go in there as she please even if he wasn't there.  It was a dark room with a huge painting in middel of the room had a picture of twins a girl that looked like them and boy standing in middel of this strange tree they seen before had no names on it was old painting but gave off a weird feeling to it.  One of them got close to it and saw people in the back it looked like people they saw before but had no time to look because the house phone rang and they ran to get it and closed the door but as they did screams and crys of help and laughter of people coming from the painting. 


"Hey sweetie"

"hi mom hows u and dad"

"we fine and coming home in two days"

"ok well it late i'm going to sleep"

"ok night tell your sister we said night"

"ok night bye"

Then she hung up and looked at her youngest sister

"Who are they trying to fool?"

"I don't know sister"

It was already late so they went to bed and got up got ready and left the house to hang out with people they met up with the three boys they hung out with the other night having a blast until the one ask

"Why didn't you answer your phone last night i tryed to call after i got home to see what you thought about the movie?"

"Oh...um well you see.."

"Don't tell them!"

"Don't tell us what"

"It only can be known by me and my sister"

"Come on if it something bad you can tell us we will protect you"

"I don't know"

"Come on"

The sister's went to side to talk about it for a couple minutes the guy's couldn't hear them they tryed to listen in but couldn't hear a word of it but when they saw the girl's were coming back they tryed to look as if they weren't listening in.

"Alright we will tell but you all gotta promise you won't tell anyone this"

"We all promise"

"Ok well you see last night when we got home voices were coming from our dads office and i went to see what was making the noise i saw my dad and mom and...."

"Wait i though your dad was out of town"

"I thought that too and anyways i saw this dark shadow in there too they were talking in this weird language we couldn't understand what they were saying and when they finally left we went to our dad's office and it was dark and creepy had a weird and creepy painting in it with a paining of twin and like the girl looked like us it like so hard to explain and then our house phone rang and it was our parents.  They were acting like they were really out of town"

"Wow that is weird"

"Wait i didn't tell you this sister i heard laughing and screaming as you were closing the door to get the house phone but was too scared tell you i thought you might think i am crazy"

"I would never think your crazy"

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