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A poem i wrote with my own father in mind...
Cry Of The Fatherless

Father where are you?

I'm all alone.

Father i need you.

Where have you gone?

I feel forsaken in this cold dark world.

The world you've left me to wonder alone.

Dark shadows rise on either side.

You my protector, have left me here to die.

The shattered remains of my heart cries out,

Surrounded by confusion and doubt.

I seek answers but find none.

Darkness clouds my thoughts...

Why have you forsaken me?

Why have you you left me alone?

Do you even love me?

Do you see me as your own?

In the ashes of what could have been,

I sit covered in sadness and guilt.

My past i've spent without knowing you.

My future uncertain without you.

Do you see my pain?

Do you see my broken heart?

Can you hear my plea?

For a father to do his part??

I need you father...

I need you.

Come back to me

...and wipe these tears away...
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