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toshiba portege m200 battery
1, the regular production of laptop battery manufacturers a variety of parameters clearly marked;

2, buy the battery(like: http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.com.au/laptop-battery/toshiba/toshiba-portege-m200...), the best choice nickel-metal hydride batteries or lithium-ion battery;

3, genuine battery shell commonly used PC or PVC material, very strong , difficult to damage, the general means can not open the http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.com.au/laptop-battery/toshiba/toshiba-satellite-m3...

4, neat appearance, there is no extra burr, a certain degree of roughness of the outer surface, and feel comfortable.

5, the battery into the battery slot should be around freely, and closely integrated with the machine, while attention to the http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.com.au/laptop-battery/toshiba/toshiba-satellite-u2... nominal voltage and voltage to correspond to your notebook.

6, to ensure that the optional battery charge and discharge of its good toshiba satellite a10 battery performance.

7, under normal circumstances the thinner the battery capacity the smaller the thicker the battery capacity is also greater.

8, select http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.com.au/laptop-battery/toshiba/toshiba-tecra-m1-bat... and adapters necessary to ask the dealer asked in detail about the characteristics of batteries and adapters.
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