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by mljs81
Rated: E · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #1803888
A man wakes up and does not know where he is
This place, I knew not. As I stumbled down the hallway of what appeared to be a mansion, I realize I must have been drugged. Panic sets in as I force my legs to keep moving, though they are fighting me every step of the way. I have to get out of here. Something obviously isn't right. I had awoken in a strange room, in a strange bed. Even stranger, a tray with a cup of tea and biscuits had been placed on the nightstand beside the bed.
As I got further down the hallway, I heard laughter. I stopped dead in my tracks. Who was this person?
"Oh Martin, you are awake." I heard a woman say a moment later.
How did she know my name? Was she my captor? She had to be.
"I don't think trying to escape is such a good idea." she said with a chuckle.
She sounded much closer now. I was running out of time. I continued to struggle down the hallway, when a few minutes later, she appeared in front of me. She was short and plump, with piercing blue eyes. Her dark black hair was pulled tightly back into a bun. She wore a bathrobe and slippers, and when she smiled at me, I felt a chill go down my spine.
"Do I know you?" I managed to say.
"Of course you don't know me Martin. But I know you. I know everything about you." she laughed again. She reached into the pocket of her robe and pulled out a ring. It was my wedding ring. I hadn't even realized I wasn't wearing it until just then.
"You won't be needing this anymore. You have a new life now."
I had a strong feeling she was right.
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