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This is an update and information about my situation and plans
I'm moving my writing to preserve my work. I plan on
staying here at my writing home for a very, very long
time. I love me writing family and the activities we
share. You have helped me through the challenge of
getting things back to normal after the lightning
strike and damage of my oak tree, house, and
appliances. For this, I thank you very much. It is an
honor to be here with you.

My challenge now is finishing moving my work into my
writingcom folder located on my computer. I have
copied and pasted half of my work and am getting tired,
having muscle issues, and have aggravated Author to the
point of being plagued with more pain. This is
extremely frustrating, annoying, and is slowing down
this process.

My plans for tomorrow are to get started
in my class work for this semester, read some
scripture, go through e-mail, and finished preserving
my work before some of it disappears because I am
unable to retain my upgrade.

I will continue to write, read, review, and be active
in as many activities as possible. I wish everyone
safe travels in real life, virtual life, and in dreams
also. See you Monday *Smile*
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