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by JJ
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Romance/Love · #1804389
Dragon has a new obsession that comes with a dangerous flaw. youkai/shapeshifter/wolfstory
Ember my love or enemy

He stared cooly at the the wriggling pup beneath his paw as it whined and whimpered for him to let it free, Soon he rose his paw off it's stout furry body, with a small cheery bark in his direction the pup was off bounding after the other littler pups chasing each other in the outstretched land near the rather large den. He came to his paws and trotted up to a tall man who was covered in countless battle scars that had scabbed and scarred long ago. Soon his transformation began as he felt the moleclues in his body change and reform his body, his fur dissapearing and pale tan skin forming over his body where fur once was, instead of his one gold eye and his one blue eye, they were replaced with two large luminous grey eye's that were thunderous and fiery with a spark of mischief in them he stood towering over the obvious older man looking down.
" Good morning Ziro, where is my mate?,"Dragon questioned with amusement in his eye's, " Ex mate you mean Dragon," Corrected Ziro with a wave of his hand he ushered Dragon to the squabling pups, one looked just like Ketz his now Ex mate the female pup was a light beige with big green eye's and a speck of gold that belonged to Dragon in particular, the next pup was male he was identified as the trouble maker of the group once he pulled on his sisters tail he was rather larger then the other pup and had grey fur nothing like either parent, he frowned suspiciously down to the pup who bore a different resemblance, the pup looked a little like Ketz but nothing like Dragon.
Dragon shook his head and stood and looked away from the pups and Ziro, locking eye's with Tala a girl who was about 600 years younger then him, she blushed and looked away when he gave her his charming pearly white fanged smile, she soon brought her attention back to the kettle which help beef brisket stew. Dragon uttered a single bye then he made a great leap and used his magic to turn himself into a wolf, this time he decided not to waste time in slow transformations.

He stood tall his silky coat shone in the sun as he headed for Bison, soon he caught the scent of elk as the smell grew stronger just over the hill he caught a glimpse of a herd of elk. Dragon lowered himself to his belly and slowly crawled closer and closer to a young elk who seemed to have just had his first rutting season. " This will be easy!," Dragon exclaimed in his mind eagarly as he crawled closer, soon it was all quiet and still as soon of the young elk made a move Dragon pounced on it and clamped his mighty jaws around the young elks neck. Dragon felt the breath knocked out of him as another black wolf came bounding up and leaped attacking the young elk also, soon the two were ripping and the elk and tearing into it eating there fill. Dragon turned to observe the new wolf he made a mental list " Female, long black coat same color as mine, blue eye's, in heat," he stopped his thoughts and slowly froze in spot keeping his body still as she looked over at him and gave a smile " Hello, i'm Ember by chance are you looking for a mate?," She quuestioned lightly licking her chops at his form and his male parts.

Boy meets girl My new addiction of love
more to come later :)
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