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by Mr.Ice
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When it comes to love how is it defined? So who has created the concepts of love?

“Love Is Love Despite Your Sentiments”
    By The Rev. Ike Lawrence Reed
                    20001 circa

When it comes to love how is it defined.
Can we cut it on like a light switch?
Is it defined by intensity of commitment for that soul mate?
Do bonds of personal relationships set love?
Is it confined by the Greek words of love?
Or is it defined by the values that religion demand?
So do we love the good and not the bad?
So love for the loved cause humanity destroys the vile?
So its just fine to love one more than the other?
Or its ok to love in defined social classes?
So only the socially trained may say who can love?
So love stop at the order of a given culture.
Then love it is limit by a creed or a race.
So you can love and then turn it away.
So you love far the reason that you have a child?
Conflict and nothing in common cancels love?
So do you love only because someone loves you?
Should you love your enemy too?
So who has created the concepts of love?
To say love taboos
To say foolish love
To say platonic love
To say infatuation love
To say love is not lust
To say that polygamy is vile
To say monogamy is divine
To say the concepts of love are so complex.
Then I say you are saying we have a complex GOD.
For I say God is love.
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