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by Jace
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Let the buyer beware! A Limerick for the WDC's Limericks, Limericks, Limericks contest.
There once was a salesman on TV,
who asked, "How do you spell relief?"
         "Can you hear me now?"
         Buy Purina Dog Chow.
"You're in good hands ...", four out of five agree.

"Have you had your sprinkle today?"
Did you know "Every Kiss begins with Kay"?
         "Ring around the collar."
         Spend one last dollar.
"Because you're worth it."  "Have it your way."

"What's in your wallet?" quips Capital One.
"Pardon Me.  Have you any Grey Poupon?"
         But wait!  There's more!
         Cliches, we abhor,
and falling into ad oblivion.

With apologies to the advertising world, and credits (in order) to the following companies:
Johnson & Johnson (Rolaids), Verizon, Purina, Allstate, Johnson & Johnson (Shower to Shower), Kay Jewelers, Sun Products (Wisk Detergent), L'Oreal, Burger King, Capital One, and Kraft (Grey Poupon).
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