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Should I have gone into work?
Friday The 13th

Looking at my watch I noticed the time; 12:05 Friday morning, the Thirteenth of the month. Damn. Another day of crazies running all over the place. Why can't people just stay at home , Normal?

Working for the City Morgue pretty much sucked to begin with. Hey it was a job. But, working the Midnight shift really bit the big one.

Murphy just called in sick.. again. So, it was just Me and Gomez, the Wagon driver for the next six hours. Already we were getting a full house. Hopefully it would be a quiet one. Then reality set in.

The autopsy for Mr. Martin was interrupted by a disturbance in the outer room. Going through the doors I noticed the bodies starting to twitch and thrash around on their gurney's. They were struggling to get the straps off and rise. The stentch was more powerful than normal.

I called upstairs and was told I would have to handle it myself. Wonderful.

"Settle down all you Dead Heads" I yelled. And for just a moment they were still. then all Hell broke loose. Straps were snapping all over the place. Man did I hate budget Cuts and shoddy work tools. I wondered what happened to Gomez.

I hit the Panic Button to shut down the steel reinforced doors to keep them in. Unfortunately it also kept me in as well. Someone had this happen before at one time it seems. Going back into the Autopsy Room, I locked myself in and settled down to wait out the rest of my shift.

I might as well finish this up on Mr. Martin. I was almost ready to sew him back up when he started twitching.
Mr. Meat Cleaver meet Mr. Martin.

When the doors finally opened, the next shift found me setting on the floor with Blood and Body Parts all over. Next Friday the Thirteenth I was calling in.
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