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by Jinxx
Rated: E · Chapter · Fantasy · #1808680
This is part 4 of my BVB story, Get Jinxxed. Enjoy.
“I-I-I don’t know when.” I said.

Andy got up and walked to the door.

“It better be soon. Cuz there’s a lot of girls who are just like you who would love to date Jinxx.” He said before walking out of my room.

I stood next to my bed, but I couldn’t sit down. The thought of Jinxx being with another girl froze me.


Andy sat on a chair, staring at the TV.

“Hey Jinxx, uh..Rae has something to tell you in her room…” Andy said

Jinxx just stared at the TV, watching some guy be an ass to a police officer.

“Dude.” Andy said, snapping his fingers in front of Jinxx’s face.

Jinxx tore his eyes away from the TV and gave Andy a glare.

“I heard you. I’ll talk to her after this damn show is over.” Jinxx said, snapping at Andy

Andy laid back in his chair and sighed. Something was up with Jinxx.

Jinxx sighed and sank his back in the couch and looked down at the ground.

Suddenly the room fell silent. The TV was shut off and no one was saying anything. Either they were all lost in their own thoughtr or they weren’t thinking about anything at all.

“Wh-What do I say to Rae? I don’t want to say anything rude or offensive to her. I-I-I mean, Sh-She is a princess.” Jinxx asked, stammering over his words.

Andy turned his head and stared at Jinxx again.

“First you were a bit snappy with me, then you’re not sure what you want to say to Rae? Jinxx, what is up with you? You’re not acting like yourself.” Andy said.

Jinxx blushed and looked away.

“I think it’s hormones.” Ashley whispered to Andy

Andy lightly punched Ashley in the chest and put his hand on Jinxx’s back.

“Just listen to her, Jinxx. Hear her out.” Andy said, softly.

Jinxx sighed and looked at Andy.

“Just try.” Andy said, taking his hand off of Jinxx’s back.

Jinxx got up and walked to my room.


“Rae?” Jinxx asked, entering my room and eyes everything in it.

I laid on my bed, listening to “Rebel Love Song” and reading, “Lovely Bones”

He walked to my bed and he gave my bed a soft kick.

I looked over my book and saw Jinxx sitting on my bed with his arms crossed over his chest.

I quickly sat up and crossed my legs and stared at the man I loved.

His brown eyes burned into my own and they begged me to say something to kill the silence.

“So…” I started out, but looked away blushing.

Jinxx took my hand in his and put his index finger under my chin and turned my head so I was looking at him.

“What is it that you wanted to talk to me about?”

I wanted to turn my head away but couldn’t.

My heart thudded in my chest and a trickle of sweat started to go down the side of my face.

I gotta tell him. Or else I will lose my opportunity to tell him when he’s with another girl.

“Jinxx….” I started, after gathering up every inch of my courage.
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