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Observation and suggestions

      Thus comes forth my critique of Writing.Com. In general it is a site for struggling
      writers. Specifically, me. I write to keep my temper and build up my ego in print.
      There is a lot of Christian evangelical pomp here. But, it hasn't censured me.
      The chat room is strangely tepid. One would think writers would be challenging
      the status quo. I like to ask Christians what makes their religion so special?
      Are Hindus going to Hell, because they are not "Saved."? Original Sin is
      inherited. How can there be a moral choice to be "Saved."? People can believe
      anything. Just saying your saved isn't enough to be virtuous. You must do good.
      And non-Christians do good.

      The chat is dull here. No one wants to argue. Very strange forum; from my
      experiences with other chat sites. People want to argue and win! What if the
      Muslims are right? There are more Muslims in the world than any other faith.
      If majority rules, then the Muslims rule. Pst. That's why Israel wont allow the
      Muslims to gain a majority in their senate. They have a law prohibiting it,
      because the Muslims would vote the Zionist state of Israel out of existence.
      Try chatting about that here.

      I keep getting bumped out of chat. Oh! And, my ratings are always being changed.
      I like 13+ . It seems to me if a boy can be bar mitsvah at the age of 13, then he is
      an adult. How long do we want to infantile young adults? Ignorance is not vigilant.
      (Sigh)Parents will always be hysterically paranoid about puberty. Look at the
      stats on teenage sexuality. They're humping like bunnies. Is this a rebellion
      against unrealistic ideals? Let's argue about it! I'd probably get bumped from chat.

      True story. Back in my youth as a boy of 19. A girl of 16 asked me to kiss her.
      I did and we fondled each other. Well, her parents were so upset. They threatened
      to call the police. This was in 1981. My Dad went to see her dad.
      Dad told Mr. Smith that he would file solicitation charges against the girl.
      The girl had a reputation for asking for kisses. Dad was sympathetic to me.
      Dad was born in 1910, when a girl of 16 was eligible to be married.
      Well, the times they are a changing... But, good luck chatting about that here!

      I guess I've said my piece.

      Writing.Com is a lot of fun!


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