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thoughts of Shady
we are one.
When I met you,
your were crying for companionship,love, and attention.
no one knew about you.
they thought you wanted to be alone on your own.
you were severely misunderstood, this isn't good.
you wanted to share your love, sweetness, kindness,affection,companionship with some one, anyone.
you were afraid,uncertain,insecure,and didn't have anyone to see your needs and what you wanted to gift to them.
Our hearts joined immediately.
I kept my distance for a while,giving you the space you needed in order to feel safe.
then slowly we came closer, and closed.
you followed me everywhere from the moment we met probably because you needed someone.
Then you started getting so close you would have jumped inside of me if you could.
devoted every day no matter what happened.
distressed when I had to leave you.
I would have loved to have you with me all the time.
extremely happy and excited when I returned, full of glee and love for me.
Loving life to it's fullest with all you could give.
you didn't care what I looked like or about anything except just being withe me every second of every day.
I love you Shady and Miss you.
you will live in my heart forever my sweet boy.
I cherish our friendship
you taught me much which I will share
you have left an extraordinary legacy

I had to put this into writing. Please do rewrite seggestions because this may be unfinished,may take a different form,and may change eventually. Suggestions as in feelings you felt why, perhaps structure ideas, ideas about punctuation, poetry ideas like is it a possible poem, if so what type?,and related information is appreciated, thank you. I miss my sweet loving Shady. Bella is having a hart time also. She is hardly eating.
I had hoped to enjoy life with you in great health for more years
yoiu are the best dog in the world who has taught me much about life and being with dogs
you are a great teacher who loves much and gives unconditionally
I'm happy you are no longer suffering
and, cry because you are not with me
I love you Shady and appreciate all you gifted to me
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