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by J.L.R.
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Two friends make a deal that sends them into their favorite book; how will the story end?

         Megan sat back unsure of what to believe at that point; Cielya a whitch and a gypsy? Could she be telling the truth; and just what did happen in the store earlier? She had always longed for a real life fairy tale perhaps this was as close to the real thing as she would ever get, it was that very idea that made her smile and her heart beat increase.

         "What exactly are you saying? How can you prove that you're a whitch and how do we know that you didn't do something terrible to us earlier?" She asked the woman.

         Cielya smiled, she knew by Jennifer's silent stare that she was observing and taking in everything now and by the sparkle in Megan's eyes there was no doubt that they already believed her. There was still much to explain though and of course she still needed to convince them to go back and help her people.

         "The story of course" Cielya replied, "You do remember what some of the gypsy's can do don't you?"

         "You're a soul seer? Thats it isn't it!" Megan actually beemed.

         Jennifer though secretly excited by the idea of meeting a whitch and an author was not prepared for what Megan was preposing. She watched as the woman smiled and nodded yes. She was unable to hide her outrage at that point.

         "You invaided our privacy without a second thought and you have the nerve to sit there and smile about it as if it were an amazing surprise that we should be happy about!" She all but shouted coming up out of her seat.

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