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Unseen desires
The visions of the night show
of the life of the dark
moonlit trees with bloody bark
from the feast of the night.
Only those who know not of the excitement of the fright
evil lurking around every corner
and a sudden appearance of the wings of indescribable beauty.
In the instance of equal opportunity.
These are the secrets i hold without showing.
Is this the destiny that awaits me?
My dreams are my deepest desires
bring the bite that i await for,
Let me open the door
to invite my love
inside, he will take me above
and beyond the realms of death.
To him i will bequeath my soul
to live in the nignt and under the moon.
Silver reflections blind me as i feel the change.
Call me in the darkness and see fangs.

Recall or Desire
thou art a squire

Evil Lurks near
This I do not fear
For this i hold dear

Awaiting in Desire
this i do inquire.

Darkness all around
hearing not a sound

Come to me my dear
Take my life that i no longer hold adhere.

Don't hide from me
Its you i seek to see.

Take me Take my life
Take me into your darkness.
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