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A phone call from a daughter - that you anticpated before the diagnosis -
- First you cry

An early morning phone call that I had not expected,
sometimes life is so busy that family gets neglected.
Her voice was strong but with a hint of apprehension,
her words brought me wide awake, had my attention.

She had been under a doctor's care, I already knew.
How deeply serious her problems, so vivid and true.
Cirrhosis of the liver, the doctor pulled no punches.
"You've got to lose weight - no more fatty lunches!"

He said it was not hereditary, and she doesn't drink,
what caused problems that brought us to the brink?
So many questions unanswered, the testing goes on.
A leading cause of death, too soon she may be gone.

First you cry, then ask God for a miracle as you pray.
Life goes on and will, no mater what a doctor may say.
You don't understand why, but try to seek some relief,
tears come too often and you are consumed by grief.

We have to face each day with honesty and hope,
perhaps the biopsy will prove its an unlikely joke,
I remember when I held this first-born baby girl,
her brown eyes twinkled and her hair just a curl.

Growing up was not that easy, she was put to task,
still we looked for rainbows and happiness to last.
Lives cut short, too soon, too soon,, my mind races,
we have to look ahead and move to better places.

So we both go on, day by day, doing all we can
to make our world better, meantime make a plan.
It may be months, then again it may be years -
If the worse comes, then who will dry my tears?

{Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted)


My daughter Cheryl Anne passed away three and a half months later, on January 10, 2012. She lost the battle with cancer, diagnosed too late. It is only her strength and courage that I will remember. and all that keeps me going on.

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