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by Iravan
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All about the confusion before starting Investment and family life.
Say Must to Investment

Author: Iravan
Date : 19th September 2011

Why life is a cherished as greatest book that no one would have read it fully? Coz many of us would like to skim the book rather to feel it inside your heart. Let’s not natter more about life but remember that in the book of life all the pages are filled with the word “Family”, as is the case this is an article for the person who would like to enjoy life with Family but not for those who feel money is life.

Before starting at the article allow your mind to kindle your thought about your future, feel inside your life and sense the aroma of life around the word Investment. Investment has two denotations one in terms of money mind ‘look for profit’ and other in terms of family mind ‘look for savings’. Even though both the format will rove within your mind, more likely your investment resembles a format of savings than the format of profit the more your life will be filled with aroma of investment.

When you compare a family to flower, the petals are the parents, the buds & stigma are their children, the leaves are relations and stems are connectivity to their community. A flower or family will surely have all the above but the aroma for flowers differs and the aroma of investment is an added advantage to a family.

Recently when I think about investment the first thing struck my mind is my salary / income. Though investment starts at your first income but the planning and thinking shall start at the very age your mind search for girl / boy. Yes to feel the aroma you need lot of planning and research.

At the starting I spend my income ruthlessly without thinking the necessity of money to live a life. Off course as I said earlier the family and relations are enough to live a life but to be a step ahead, investment will blossom the life within life.

To find the life within your life is just put to try investing, and I’m sure your mind will change and say must is must to investment. It keeps growing and growing with your family, it refine by itself and help you enjoy the lifewithin.

Even as a student I have tried saving some pocket money, most of the time the reason behind these teenage savings happens to be dating or may be to buy something or roaming around with friends. For a petty short term enjoyment if we could make our teenage mind to save, then think of that long term enjoyment with family. Why we are little bit hesitant to start saving early for your family? Make your mind to save and plan when you have to start your savings?

Once started earning people started thinking how to spend it, what is latest in the market? I’m not against purchasing new things, but put down your investment plan atleast for the next 5 years and then proceed to purchase plan. A proper investment plan will really indicate your monthly requirement while you are bachelor and project what will be your expenditure as a family. An investment plan will surely hold your mind, loops your mind between your long term and short term goals. You could feel most of your purchase plan end saying ‘Not now’. After planning for 5 years if you could say ‘I can’ it’s the best time to purchase.

But keep in mind that money has all the abilities to ruin your life, capable to turn your mind and twist between your life enjoyments and wishes.

Investment plan is to achieve your goal its not to reduce your enjoyment, put down your wishes and goals in a list and ask yourself ‘what I’m gonna do’. You could easily draft your plans and sketch your life with colors. You could really feel the path toward your life within life even after achieving your goals and wishes. This is the aroma what I talk about. This aroma increases the enthusiasm within yourself and allows you to enjoy the life within life. Start your investment plan; say yes to both wishes and enjoyment. Investment is the key to enjoy your life within life.
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