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A new story I'm writing. Let me know if you like it so far.
Her bare feet slapped the cold tile as she ran with stumbling speed, down the long dark hallway towards a narrow slice of light at the far end. Though she ran sweat dripped down her temples. Silence was deafening against her thundering heartbeat as she fought to take in air against her rising fears. Was this a dream or was it real? Mayberry heard the words roll through her mind as her dark eyes searched frantically for something. Anything! In the darkness; yet she could find only more darkness. She didn’t know how long she’d been here running down this hallway. Her feet were beginning to hurt, and her throat felt like it was on fire. Yet for some odd notion she continued to run as if someone or something was after her. Mayberry didn’t dare look behind her in fear that the sensations of being followed were indeed real.

Finally after running for what seemed like forever, she reached the slice of light. It now clearly illuminated all around her from behind a tall set of glass double doors. Mayberry took a rest against the cool glass catching her breath and allowing her heartbeat to slow to a more steady rhythm. With a quick flip of her body she opened the left door and walked into a gigantic room. An over-sized ceiling climbed into a dome shape above her head. The circular shape combed down the walls over a king size canopy bed draped in blood red silks. Her eyes spotted the sterling silver tray on the elaborate dresser across the room. On the tray sat a tall goblet. Mayberry instantly flung herself to the goblet, cupping it in her delicate fingers, brought the liquid contents to her trembling lips and drank all of it down. It felt like heaven going down her aching throat, yet it had a bitter taste. Setting back down on the tray she back her self up against the side of the huge bed.
Something wasn’t right. She began to feel light headed, yet figured she was just exhausted from all the running. Laying back on the blood red silk bed spread, which felt so soft against her exposed shoulders and legs. Mayberry drew her legs up onto the super comfy bed and in minutes felt the spiraling darkness of sleep pull her down, she closed her lids and allowed it to consume all of her.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1812074