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This is a real problem in the Liverpool area. It breaks my heart the pain it causes them.
They made everybody sign it... Like that will change anything. I mean what exactly do dey' expect to happen? Do dey think that we are just going to move? I just don't see it happ'nan.
We Gypsy's have been forced to settle down already so even though we still call ourselves "traveler's", there really isn't a whole lot of traveling going on des' days now is dere'? People just don't understand what it's like to be told dat' you can't do what your people have been doing for tousands of years. Just because it's unfamiliar to eyes on da' outside. We are private people, we just want to live like the rest of ya' do. Dey' Com in here with dozer's and such knockin' down de' place we call home... It's been twenty years since we've been able to pack up our wagons and travel like we're born ta' do. We don't hurt nobody by travalin' round doin' what we do. Do we?
Why er' we so privit'? You wanna know? Because look what happens when we settle down in one place, we get knocked down like trash. We ain't no trash. We were farced' to settle down for da' people to watch. Dey didn't like us on da' move an now dey' don't like our parks. I think dat' dey' just don't like us at all.
So, now dey got a paper passen' round to all da' town folks ta' sign, so dey can tear us down. Can ya imagine? Losing ur' home for some reason dat' make no sense. I am on ma' knees now dat's all I can do. Pray ya know, dat' someone will stop dis' madness. We have baby's here for cryin' out loud. How can dey' throw out a baby from it's home? It's already cold here in Liverpool and we got no 'ere ta go...(crying)
So, please all of ya listin' out der' on Liverpool's KM908 give us a chance to show ya' we er' human beins' too. Ya don't have ta do dis'. We aren't bad people. We love like ya's do, we work hard like ya's do, we breathe like ya's do. Please i'm on ma' knees here, beggin' all listin' ears to please think of da' children. I ask ya' how would ya' feel if it were happenin' to yer' family? To yer' children?
Ma' name is Briant O'Neill and I'm glad ta' have gotten da' opportunity to speak on behalf of da' Traveler's wit' no voice. Stay tuned for more Talk radio Liverpool- Be cool ta' one another...

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