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I can never explain how beautiful their species are, and I have not encountered anyone as ravishing as they were. When they first arrived on Earth several days ago, they introduced themselves as grolians coming from a distant planet called Butiin. We, the scientists, just stood there and listened, and did not wonder how and when they were able to learn English for their beauty beguiled our sight more than their enigma appealed to our minds.

And I still cannot fully comprehend how Mita ended up here in my studio-type apartment, in my own bathroom, taking a steamy shower. Visible from behind the frosted glass of my shower cubicle was the contour of her perfect hourglass figure and the slow, sensual whips of her tail. If my ex-girlfriend was said to be beyond gorgeous, I would not know how to describe this creature.

Mita and I were debating earlier this morning about whether farmers would lose their jobs or not due to the innovations made regarding agriculture. Damn, was she smart. She surprisingly knew more than I did about my own planet. Not only did she have big cantaloupes, she had the brains, too! And, yes, those juicy breasts waiting for a tongue and mouth to savor its taste, to suck the virgin milk out of them. That is if they still are...

"Nicholas, darling." She called out from the bathroom. "Do you have a towel to dry myself with?"

"I do. I'll get you one." I snatched the spare towel from a pile in my drawer then walked over to the where she was. The shower curtains were pulled back, exposing her (I don't know if she did it on purpose) protruded behind. Her cerulean skin was in contrast with her long, golden hair swimming behind her back which touches the skin above right her ass. Oh, that ass... It makes me want to smack it right then and there.

Mita took the towel from my extended arms. "Thank you." She wrapped it around her back and turned to face me. Right after she curved her mouth into a sly smile, her towel 'accidentally' slipped down to her toes.

"Oops," she said with a wink. My mouth was slightly ajar, and I felt my pulse speed up a little. I was staring directly at her collar bones, then my gaze slid down towards her watermelon-shaped breasts, bouncing lightly in place that made something below stand up. I eyed her smoothly striped stomach, then her belly button, then her beautiful pussy where blonde curls were hiding her womanhood.


"Shh." She closed my lips with her own, kissing me in a sensually superhuman manner with her two tongues exploring the depths of my mouth. Her hand caught mine and she let me touch her pussy. "Do anything you want with it." I lifted her left thigh with my arm up to my waist. My other arm casually slid down to her crotch.

I fiddled around with it, twisted, twirled, rubbed and inserted one until a few (five is a small number) fingers down a slippery canal, which sent her moaning profanities on my neck. I removed my hand and sucked on my fingers. Since I couldn't take it any longer, so I lifted her to the bed with no sense being gentle and started removing my trousers and underwear.

"Make it hard and fast, Nicholas." She bit her lips and tilted her head back.

I felt her warmth as I inserted my member in her. I penetrated in and out of her, while she rode me like a cowgirl. We were screaming our ecstasy out loud, thrusting our hips in the same rhythm, and her breasts danced along as well. "Fuck, fuck, yes, oh, yeah!"

Before I could reach my climax, someone knocked heavily on the door. Shit, I forgot to lock it. Again.

The door opened. I let out heavy breaths. A girl called out, "Mita, you asked for me?"

"Yes, I did." Mita answered. There was a younger grolian in a skimpy dress with long, black hair and a body much more impressive than Mita's. "Come, join us. You've had a long trip. Nicholas wouldn't mind." Then she turned to me, still gasping for some air. "Would you?"

Then I breathed out. "No. No, I wouldn't."

- The End -
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