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Megan and Jennifer may have lost their only way to get back to the present.
Jennifer was running towards Rainey. Megan was right behind Jennifer. Before Rainey knew what was happening, Jennifer had grabbed Rainey and slapped her.

"Yoiu have no right to call Megan a whore! You are trying to take my man for his money and guess what? He loves me! Lord knows what you are trying to do to Jed. I would like to kill you, you thief and worthless piece of crap!" Jennifer had slapped Rainey again. Rainey was trying to slap Jennifer but Megan pulled Rainey's hair. Bradley and Miles has arrived. Miles grabbed Megan by the waist and pulled her away and Bradley had done the same with Jennifer.

"Mr. Kentsworth, Jennifer is picking on me for no reason. She is a jealous, mean woman and you deserve better. I was just going to say Hello to you." Rainey fluttered her eyes at Bradley.

"Miss Rainey, I think it is best that you leave. You and Jennifer can't be around each other. I will talk to you another time." Bradley was thinking that there was something strange about Rainey and maybe Jennifer had a right not to like her.

Rainey left. Jed had just come out of the barn and he looked like a scared rabbit.

"Jennifer, you slapped Rainey and you aren't behaving like a lady. Promise me you will behave like a lady in France around my family." Bradley loved Jennifer dearly but he hoped that she would behave around his family. Her behavior threw him off guard sometimes.

"I will be respectful to your family but Rainey needs to stay away from you and me." Jennifer was squirming in Bradley's arms as he tried to hold her and calm her down.

"Megan, I know why you are mad at Rainey but my parents wouldn't understand your behavior. I guess Bradley and I will have to be sure Rainey stays away from you and Jennifer." Miles kissed Megan's forehead.

"Where Jennifer and I come from, women have equal rights and we don't act like uptight ladies. We speak our minds and we will slap people when they deserve it."

"We don't take no crap and we don't kiss ass! We are American women! Deal with it!" Jennifer was still fuming.

"Jennifer! Alright, you need to calm down. I will take you to my house for a few days. Miles and I want to take you and Megan to London to buy you clothes for the trip. We hope you two can behave like ladies. How about tomorrow?"

"I would love to." Jennifer smiled.

"London. Hey! Can we see the Queen's castle?" Megan's eyes were dancing.

"Of course we can." Bradley smiled. Jennifer and Megan were calm now.

"I need to go see Jasper." Megan loved her goat.

"I will go with you." Jennifer was in a better mood.

"We will meet you in the house." Bradley hoped Rainey wouldn't come back.

Megan and Jennifer went to the barn.

"Thanks for your help, Megan. That Rainey pisses me off."

"Me, too. In France, we are going to have to act like ladies. Around Miles and Bradley, we can act any way we want. They know we aren't uptight ladies like poor sweet Jane. Jane isn't uptight. Her father rules her. Poor girl. She has her writing at least." Megan felt sad for Jane.

"Jane has a couple of romances and she will have to settle for that. She has us for friends."

"Yes, she does." Megan and Jennifer were at the ban now.

Jed was feeding Jasper some hay.

"Hello, ladies. If I may say so, I like how you handled Rainey. She scares me," Jed looked uptight.

"Jed, what's the matter? Why does Rainey scare you?" Megan asked.

"She was in the woods with me the other night and she was dancing in the rain chanting. I think she is a witch. She was talking about fairies and defeating men in battles." Jed said in a low vloice. "She tried to seduce me and I believe a man should love a woman before he behaves like that with her. Rainey said I was strange and I wouldn't know what to do the love making anyway. I am so sorry to bother you with this." Jed looked sad and he blushed.

"Jed, you are not bothering us. Rainey is all wrong for you. You are a nice looking young man and there will be other women for you to be with. You will be invited to other balls and young girls will want to dance with you. When the right woman comes along, you will know what to do. As for Rainey chanting, I am betting she thinks she is a witch . We will tell Bill she is no longer welcome here." Megan smiled.

"Megan and I will kick her ass again. She has no powers. Don't worry." Jennifer made Jed blush.

"I like how you slapped her around. That was funny. Thanks for talking to me. I will let you Ladies be." Jed bowed and left.

"He is a nice kid. Rainey is scary but I have no fear of her." Jennifer fed Jasper some hay.

"He is nice. He was embarrassed about talking about Rainey trying to seduce him but I am glad he wasn't afraid to talk to us."

":Me, too. You made him feel good about himself. Are you alright with Damon divorcing you?"

"Yes, I am. I will always love him but I know I want Miles. I am marrying him. He is my future. Damon was another life time ago. I want Damon to find someone else. I am glad I got the divorce papers. They appeared in a quilt book. They were dated for this time period. I guess I won't worry about how the papers appeared."

"You are free, Megan. Hey! We are going to London tomorrow. That sounds nice. We will probably spend the night or something. You will get to see a castle. Your fantasy is happening."

"I know. I hope you will decide to marry Bradley." Megan hugged Jasper as he licked her cheek.

"After we go to France, I will decide. Megan, Bradley is such a good lover."

"Too much information. I believe you. So is Miles." Megan and Jennifer giggled.

"Miles is what?" Miles and Bradley had just walked in. Miles couldn't help wonder what the girls were talking about.

"The man I love." Megan smiled.

Miles embraced Megan and kissed her.

"Are you ready to go? Bradley asked Jennifer.

"I am ready. See you tomorrow. Get a room!" Jennifer said as Megan and Miles kissed passionately.

Megan and Miles stopped kissing. "See you tomorrow."

Jennifer and Bradley were heading towards the carriage. Jane had just arrived. Jennifer wanted to talk to Jane so Bradley decided to go talk to Bill some more.

Megan hugged Jasper good bye. She and Miles walked into Vicki's house. She was so happy to see Jane. She hugged Jane. Miles hugged Jane and she whispered: " I am glad you are marrying Megan, my dearest friend. You are like a brother."

"You are like a sister. Your approval means everything." Miles smiled. He excused himself so Megan could talk to Jane.

"I hear you are getting married. Jennifer says you got divorce papers from Damon."

Megan was embarrassed. "Yes. Damon is in America. It is best this way. I know your father won't approve."

Jane waved her hand. "Father doesn't know everything. I don't agree with father. I love him but he doesn't choose my friends. If I do get married, I would need his approval but I would never give you and Jennifer up."

"We love you. We will always be friends." Megan fixed herself a cup of tea.

"I hear you are going to France. Will you buy your Wedding dress in France?" Jane asked.

"Yes. France has the best fashions." Megan made a face as she drank her tea. It needed more lemons.

"I have seen fashions worn by other women at the ball. I am so happy for you. Jennifer, will you be marrying Bradley?" Jane hoped she would she be engaged someday.

"Not at this time. We need to get Megan married and I will think about Bradley and I later." Jennifer didn't want to think about marriage at this time.

"I suppose I should be going. My uncle will be arriving soon and father wants Cassandra and I to have dinner with my uncle. He is my Godfather. I hope I will see you before you leave for France." Jane stood up and hugged her friends good bye. Jane was so sweet and a proper lady. Megan and Jennifer could take lessons. Jennifer and Megan would be ladies in France.

Jane had left. Megan took the quilt book and divorce papers and went upstairs. She opened the dresser drawer and moved the moonstone to put the book and divorce papers in but when she moved the moonstone out of the way, the moonstone fell on the floor and Megan stepped on it and it broke. Megan screamed. Jennifer came running. She looked the moonstone and saw the stone was broke.

"Oh no! We are stuck here. We can never go home." Jennifer looked so sad.

"Darling, you are home." Jennifer looked up to see Bradley standing there. WHY HAD SHE SAID THAT? Bradley looked so hurt.

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