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A fictional narrative based on the American Civil War.
Clyde galloped in the direction of the rising sun. His father’s ominous words reverberated in his ears. “This Lincoln’s going to be our bane,” the old man had warned. Their worst fears came true when the same Lincoln became President. The watershed event threatened the livelihood of Clyde’s family. Their ranch depended entirely on slave labor. Matters came to head when one of the slaves escaped. With a deep turmoil raging in his heart, Clyde set off in pursuit.

He didn't travel long before he spotted a white blur in the distance. The moving object increased its pace as if alerted by the sound of the hooves. Clyde goaded his mare to hurtle faster and squinted ahead. Soon, he perceived the unmistakable silhouette of a woman in a coarse cotton smock.

Had it been any other slave, Clyde wouldn’t have bothered, but this black wench had fired his imagination. Besotted by her sensuous face, he had spent countless nights fantasizing about her thick African lips on his distended member. He had been meaning to have her as his handmaiden to keep her from hours of backbreaking labor under the sun, but she had spoiled all that by her stupidity.

Clyde smirked with relief. Perverse possibilities swirled in his mind. With a wicked smile, he whipped off his shirt. Coming astride her, he bent and scooped her up like a rag doll. She scratched and hissed like a trapped animal.

The slave’s struggles fed his arousal. When her energy sapped, Clyde pulled out a steel collar with a chain attached to it from the pocket of his jeans and snapped it around the girl’s neck. He cradled her soft body against his chest and spurred the mare toward a desolate barn where he intended to enjoy her.

The intimate embrace kindled conflicting emotions in his mind. He placed a hand under the girl’s chin and raised her face. She gazed at her captor’s face for the first time. Her mask of indignation disintegrated, and a mellow tranquility diffused upon her elegant features. Her moist doe-eyes wrenched his soul. His heart melted. He tipped his head. Their lips pressed. He felt her arms wrap around his neck while his tongue explored her mouth and fulfilled an adolescent fantasy. “Why did you do it, Sally?” he wanted to scream. I’d have always cared for you.

Flashback of childhood memories tormented his mind. He remembered the time spent together while growing up – exploring the ranch, swimming in the river, unravelling their sexualities – until his father caught and thrashed him for kissing a Negro girl. Fear could not fetter his desires. He fantasized about his unrequited love with such intensity that it turned into a brooding obsession. Today, the fragrance of her breath and the warmth of her skin unleashed the volcano of his wants.

They reached the barn and dismounted. He hoisted her on his shoulder like a trophy and carried her inside the farm house. He seated himself on a chair while she stood before him. “Strip for me, Sally.”

Gracefully, she shed her ill-fitting clothes and faced him. Bashfulness gushed from her eyes. A dumbfounded Clyde gaped at her flawless ebony skin. He had no idea that the gawky girl he had skinny dipped with had metamorphosed into such a voluptuous beauty. The collar glinted around her slender neck; sent a shiver down his spine. It symbolized the realization of his deepest desire - of possessing and protecting her in a sexual way.

He tugged at the chain and drew her closer. “Your crime deserves to be punished.”

Sally nodded and laid on his lap upon her belly. Her perfect derriere winked at him. With his calloused hand, he started to smack the black moons. She writhed and sighed. Her juices seeped through his trousers, and his cock threatened to burst and spill.

Clyde pushed her onto her knees between his spread legs and pulled out his rigid member. “Suck!” he barked and pulled at the chain. Dutifully, she lowered her head and kissed and sucked his rod.

The strong odor of her excitement signalled her readiness. He positioned her on her fours and kneeled behind her plump butt. Coiling the chain around his hand, he pulled with just enough force to jerk her head back without hurting her. With his other hand he pushed his hardness inside her vagina. The resistance of her hymen swelled his chest with pride.

Clyde pressed with force to deflower her. Sally's shrieks caused him deep anguish, but she soon recovered and began to squirm - wriggling her ass as he gyrated his pelvis; lunging backward when he thrust forward. Her wanton moans emboldened him, and he commenced to spank her bottom. She shuddered, and her pussy clenched around him as he erupted inside her.

When his flaccid member plopped out, he touched its soiled surface and blinked at the virginal blood on his hand. Tender feelings swarmed his heart for his slave. He wanted to keep her for life, but knew that would not be possible on the ranch. He did what he had always wanted to do – forsake his father’s riches and ride away into the sunset with his precious possession.

Word Count: 866
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