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Description: 12 year old Patrick, a chubby boy who is addicted to playing video games all the time of his life, doesn’t receive the game he had hoped for on his twelve birthday. As he starts to play the other game anyways it suddenly becomes the one that he wanted. Time goes by quicker than usual while Patrick plays this game. Suddenly he is put into the game itself, trying to survive. Has his game become a reality or is it just a game?  This is just chapter one of the novel there will be more to come..

Chapter 1

“Hey put that game down!”
         I grabbed the video game from my sister’s hand.
         “I was just seeing it Fatty Patty,” she laughed.
         “Don’t call me that!” I told her. That had been my nick name for as long as I can remember. “Now just leave me alone Lisa,” I said.
         Lisa was my annoying sister she has long, blond hair, and blue eyes. She has always been the perfect child being both skinny and popular.
         I am just the complete opposite of her actually having curly, red hair, and green eyes. My sister claims I was adopted at birth or something, because I look so different than her.
          I am picked on for being the chubby kid most of the time, so by now it doesn’t really bother me anymore. The only thing that really gets under my skin is when people call me Fatty Patty! I don’t know what it is exactly about it, but I just hate the darn name.
         My life is pretty simple most of the time, go to school, come home, then play video games. My mom says that I have become addicted to them, but what can I say a twelve year old boy don’t got much better things to being doing right?
         The game I had in my hands was actually not the one that I had wanted, but rather a cheaper one my mom had gotten for my twelve birthday today.
         The game every kid had dreamed about was called “Conflict Destruction.” This game had been advertised for months, but was sold out almost everywhere. I was stuck with a lame game called “Conflict Bubble Gun.”
         You know those birthdays where you ask for something, but your parents get the wrong thing. Well yeah that is how I felt when I got my birthday gift.
          I cant complain about my birthday though really, because even my lame sister had given me twenty bucks. Well at least I think it was her probably my mom got it.
         “Is this the game you wanted Patrick?” she asked.
         “Yes of course it is mom,” I mumbled. “It is just what I wanted.”
         It definitely wasn’t the right one.
         “Oh good Patrick,” she said smiling.

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