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by R.C.
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Join me on a journey to see what they left behind
Come. Come with me to see what the world left for us. Come and see what humanity has left abandoned.

Look there, into that city, see the husks of metal, the ruins of stone towers. Come a little deeper with me, see that place, they used to worship something there. He was called God and he watched over the ones who used to live. See the decomposed benches, the bone powders, some people looked for the god even when he had abandoned them. Let’s leave this place, it’s too unhappy here.

Look, over there. That building is where children used to learn.
They would sit and listen and test. They would become smart and grow to be geniuses. Now all that's left are worn out husks of beings. Roaches learn how to feed here and mice learn how to live, but that is all. Let’s move on

Look down there, in the street. It’s a stroller, what they used to put the babies in. It’s empty now, nothing but bones, just like all the humans. They destroyed themselves. They fought petty wars and killed for a little cash. The leaders were corrupted and their world was slowly dying. This is all that's left, all that remains, but we still have more to see, don't we?

Over here, see all that sand, all those bones? This used to be an ocean, full of water and life. The animals slowly died off because of the humans. What’s that? Your one too? Well then you my friend are a heartless monster. Oh no, not just you. It’s all of you. Come on, let’s move forward, we still have so much to see.

Over here, look at those dried stalks. This used to be a rain Forrest, animals lived and died here, but thanks to you, soon they only died. You cut the trees, killed the species off one by one. Now it’s just a desert. You just had to take everything out with you didn't you? Oh well, let’s keep moving. I still have one more thing to show you.

Now look, very closely. Across that desert, right in the middle of that big sandy sea. Can you see it? Look harder. Now you see it, that green, that luscious green that grows right in the middle of all this brown. It gives you hope, doesn't it? A plant, all alone, just waiting for the moment it can spread its seeds. This planet will re-grow, without you pesky humans might I add, to be full again. You have shown how useful you can be, shown how well you could pass the test. But maybe, just maybe you can have a second chance, just like the rest of the planet. Maybe you can try again, and repair the damage you left in your path.

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