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by Damien
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The third installation of my continuing story of Damien.
    The first of the other great beings to lay claim to one of the rocks that floated around The Morning Star was the one known as Mercury. Mercury chose the floating rock that was orbiting the closest to The Morning Star. Mercury was known as a being who liked to attain great speed, and he chose the floating rock that was closest to The Morning Star so he could use it to train and improve his speed. The sheer amount of heat that was present on the surface of his rock meant that he had to be fast whenever he visited the surface of this rock, or he could end up getting burnt. Mercury was very happy with his new training ground, and Lucifer was happy to have been able to help him. All was good.
    The great beings known as Jupiter and Saturn both chose to claim two of the gaseous rocks as their own. Neither of these two great beings really ever explained why they chose the floating rocks that they did. All that is known is occasionally one or the other will go and spend time on his respective floating rock on his own, and in complete solitude from all of the other great beings. Whenever Jupiter or Saturn makes one of these trips to their respective floating rocks, they will just go missing for awhile. When they return they act as if nothing has ever happened, and they will not talk to anybody about what they did while they were upon their floating rocks surface. Lucifer was not sure of the intentions of these two, but as long as they were happy, then he would be happy for them. All was good.
    The great being known as Neptune chose one of the floating rocks that was farthest out from The Morning Star. Neptune had different plans for his floating rock from what any of the other great beings had done with theirs. Neptune wanted to cover his floating rock completely with water, and then he wanted to create life within that water. It was a grand attempt at something that none of the other great beings had tried yet, but it was not meant to succeed on this particular floating rock. The life forms that Neptune created were never able to flourish, and eventually the waters that were upon the floating rock began to freeze because they were not receiving enough heat from The Morning Star. Neptune did everything he could to try and save the life that was upon his floating rock, but eventually he had to admit that his grand experiment was a failure.
    After giving Neptune some time to mourn for his lost creations, Lucifer decided to approach him about his failed experiment. "How have you been doing, old friend ?" he asked when he saw the other.
    "Honestly," Neptune replied, "I've been better."
    "Yeah," Lucifer said as he nodded sympathetically, " I'm sorry that your plans didn't work out on the floating rock that you chose, but I was wondering if you would want to try out your idea's again ?"
    Lucifer was happy to see Neptune arch his eyebrow in interest of that prospect, "What do you mean by trying out my idea's again ?"
    "Well," Lucifer responded, "Gaea has approached me about  the cultivation of the land upon my floating rock so that it could sustain plant based life. I like her idea, but I don't think these floating rocks will work with just a solid mass of land, or as totally liquified worlds of water. I would like to combine the ideas and lifeforms from your floating rock, with the idea's and lifeforms that Gaea has came up with for my floating rock."
    Neptune considered what he had just heard before answering, "So," he said, "you want to join the ideas of Gaea together with my previous ideas and make one all encompassing, multi-environment  floating rock ? That is most certainly a very intriguing concept. Would it be alright if I take some time and consider it before giving you an answer ?"
    "That would be just fine, old friend," replied Lucifer , "I have already told Gaea that I too would like to consider her idea before moving forward with it. Take all the time you need, and I will let Gaea know that I am still considering her idea, but not to expect me to make too extremely fast of a decision." With that Lucifer left Neptune with his thoughts.
    Lucifer was happy with the direction that his floating rock seemed to be going in, and was excited to have the help of other great beings in bringing about this direction. He was happy to have brought Neptune out of his depression, and excited about what he could help do upon the third rock out from The Morning Star. The foundations of what we now know of Earth were forming. Lucifer was very happy with these latest developments. All was good.
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