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Finally, The FACTS are revealed!

A Essay By Solaris LeRouche

Lavender Town is a location in the first Generation of Pokemon games.

It’s a small town that carries the worst reputation for death in the Video Game world, (next to Silent Hill) but I’m not talking about the Pokemon Tower (where they bury the dearly departed Pokemon). Or The Marowak incident.(The villains of the series, Team Rocket killed a baby Pokemons mother.) I’m talking about the stories that began to circulate after the release of the first two games. Red and Green.

The stories claim that there is a subliminal message in the music of Lavender Town. It’s played at such a high frequency that adults cannot hear it, and that it was causing children who heard it to commit suicide. The other claims report that the music causes headaches, nausea, bloody noses, and a bunch of other stuff. I have spent a week researching the stories, watching the videos, and searching for Police articles about the suicides.(there are none) After listening to explanations from people MUCH smarter than me. A sound analyzer told me what was True, and What was False about the music of Lavender Town.

The “Lavender Tone” is a high frequency background voice that plays at certain parts of the song. It says: “Get Out”. After that I confirmed that there is a message in the song. And as creepy as it was I still wasn’t satisfied. So, I asked about the stories of sickness and suicide.

I was told that even if you could hear the “tone” it shouldn’t drive you to suicide. It’s just BACKGROUND music. Yes, I have proven that there IS a voice in the Lavenders Tune, but that still doesn’t explain the reported sickness. I had a chat with my Friendly Family Doctor to get an explanation of the sickness. She told me that while she was studying in collage, her peers would always go to the clinic. Apparently in the process of studying many afflictions, they thought they were developing many of the symptoms of the diseases they were studying. She called it College Student Studying Disease. That explained the sickness very well… All of the Lavender Town Syndrome is Psychological. You have heard so many stories of what people have gone through, that when you listen to the song you expect it to happen.

That’s my finished report of Lavender Town Syndrome.

I hope your pasta tastes even better now, Solaris

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