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Doing a quick check at my outfit in the mirror, I smoothed my hair down and smiled. It was absolutely perfect. My bikini barely covered anything, my extra big sunglasses gave me that mysterious aura, and my tan skin contrasted against my blond hair. I did one last swipe of dark red lipstick across my lips, and sauntered out to the pool.
  As soon as I stepped out into the pool area, I had every single boy’s attention. Taking my time to walk over to the lounge chair, I flipped my hair and gave an especially nice one a slow sexy smile. Now I know what you’re thinking, big time bimbo, right? Wrong. I didn’t have any interest in them that way, the very thought of it made me shudder. They were the prey, and I was hungry. Smiling to myself, I licked my lips.
Chapter One:
  From where I was laying on the couch, I could just make out the tiny blood stain I’d left on the white cashmere carpet. He would be upset, more than last time. I’d been allowed to stay here on the one condition that I never brought my food inside. However, the last one had been persistent on seeing the glorious decor, and I had been drunk on the taste of blood.
  Now they were all back at home, dreaming happily about their good time at my “pool party.” Of course tomorrow they would all wake up with killer headaches, some may die, and others would just feel like crap for a week or two. I did not really care; they were as disposable to be as a tissue I had used for a second. I heard the front door slam; William’s usual greeting when he comes home from whatever he spends his time doing all day. I asked him once and got a week of silence as an answer. “Hey there,” I called out, trying to be extra charming in hopes that he wouldn’t notice the spill on the floor.  He did.
  “What was my one rule,” he asked in such a quiet voice, I knew he was furious.
  “Don’t talk to strangers?” I asked, trying to make the situation lighter. I knew I shouldn’t be tempting Will, he had already snapped once this month. I had the bruise on my cheek as proof to that. Our deal had been simple, undercover hideout at his place, free to eat all I want, on the one condition. What did he get in return? He never really demanded any sort of payment, like he probably should have. I liked to think he just got pleasure in having me around, though his face right now was proving that theory wrong.  Once in a while, Will would kiss me goodnight, make me swoon like a fool, and then disappear for a week. I never really got used to our relationship, or lack of one.  Sometimes he had girls over, really pretty ones that liked to smirk at me as they kissed him. As if to say, “He’s mine.” They never lasted long and were always quite delicious.
  I realized he had stopped talking a while ago, now looking at me with annoyance. “Don’t you ever listen,” he spat.
“I was paying attention,” I lied, studying my manicured nails.
“Really what was I saying?”
  “Something about rules,” I guessed. Apparently I was wrong, and deserved the slap I got in return. He looked at me, seeing how I’d react, but just like always I didn’t let him show how much it hurt. He was a demon, there for stronger than me. Unlike the other demons, he worshiped god and spent his life trying to get back into heaven.
  “I was saying, maybe I should stay home tomorrow and supervise your daily schedule,” he chuckled, “You don’t seem to know how to take care of yourself or my house.” My heart sank, all hopes of freedom slowly fading. He was staring at me with concentrated eyes, reading all the emotions that danced across my face.
  “What are you thinking about,” he wondered, curiosity filling his voice. I knew what would come next, after I poured out my feelings he would kiss me, and then ignore me for a week or two. I wasn’t going to play this game tonight, wasn’t going to fall into his trap, no matter how much I wanted to. Abruptly I stood up, nodding to him, and then went to my room.

    Chapter two:
  I woke up to blaring music, something with a loud drum solo and a lot of yelling. Laughter and idle chatting drifted to my ears and I sat up slowly, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. William had guests over, which was very odd. Usually it was just one, since he delighted in small company.
  Quickly I brushed my hair, threw on a black mini dress, stilettos, and swiped on my red lipstick. Stepping out of my room cautiously, I saw that the party consisted of a mix of mortals and demons. They were chatting, dancing, and even hooking up. I frowned in disgust as I saw him dancing with some brown haired beauty, clearly a mortal. He seemed to genuinely enjoy her, which surprised me. He never took that much pleasure in the company of a human.
“Excuse me, didn’t I see you on that magazine Beautiful Chicks,” came a voice from behind me, obviously unaware at his completely lame pick up line. I turned around and gasped in delight, jumping up and down like a little girl. It was Daniel, my friend, my confident, a vampire. I threw my arms around him, and he picked me up and spun me around.
“What are you doing here,” I asked when he put me down. Not that I wasn’t totally ecstatic that he was here, it’s just that I hadn’t seen him since we had been chased out of Mexico after the blood bath we had caused.
“I heard about the party, about the guy that owns this place, and then about his little guest,” he murmured, winking at the last part. I giggled, pleased by our old flirting habits. He pulled me close, closer, until our noses were touching, and then pressed his lips to my mouth. It was brief, but very, very sweet. Unfortunately our lovely reunion was shortly lived.
  I could tell he was angry, for some unknown reason, as he stood before us. But Daniel was always the polite one, and said, “Great party. I’m Alice’s friend.” Dan held out his hand to shake, but Will just glared at him. I shifted my feet uncomfortably, wondering why he was acting like this.
  “Is this the low life that got you into trouble in Mexico and is now the reason you’re in hiding,” he asked in a strained voice.
  “It wasn’t all his fault, most of it was mine,” I tried desperately to explain, seeing clearly a fight was about to begin.
  “Let’s get out of here, the world no longer hates us,” said Daniel, turning to me. I froze, knowing William would not let me leave, knowing that part of me didn’t want to.
  “I can’t,” I muttered, looking at the floor.
  “Why not,” Dan asked, suddenly upset.
  “I think you’re done here,” Will said, stepping in front of me. 
“You’re weak,” Dan spat, and stormed out of the house. I sank to the floor, tears welling up in my eyes. He knelt down beside me, putting an arm around my waist and looping the other under my legs. Then scooped me up and brought me to his room. He seemed to be doing a lot of that lately.
Laying me on the bed, he pulled the covers up to my chin and kissed my forehead. He leaned down again, this time putting his mouth to my ear and whispering, “Sleep now, all will be better when you awake.” I tried my best to put some hope into his words and failed.

Chapter 3:
  But all was not better when I finally did awaken, it was worse. As soon as I gained consciousness, my mind flooded with guilt. I kept seeing Daniel’s face flash across my mind, the hurt look on his face, the way he stormed out of the house. I had cut him deep, and now he was gone. The guilt was slowly replaced with anger towards William. How dare he send him away like that and dismiss the subject of me leaving. I could leave whenever the hell I wanted to, which, I decided, would be now.
  I could hear him in the kitchen, making breakfast, I assumed, by the smell of bacon.  I smiled, pleased by the kind gesture. I started to walk into the room, and stopped short. There was the same girl he was dancing with at the party, sitting on the stool with a Margarita in her hand. My heart sank, he hadn’t changed at all. She noticed me standing there and whispered to Will, “There’s some weird girl in your house.” I was close to going over there and slapping that stupid look off her face, but I held every bit of control I had together.
“That’s just some girl I let stay here. Nothing important,” he murmured to her. She looked reassured and calm, completely opposite from me. I tried to mask the pain, but it flashed across my face as he looked up at me.
“Do you need something,” he asked brusquely. I shook my head, tears welling up in my eyes. I found the strength to turn around and run to my room as soon as the tears began to pour out. Curling up on my bed, I let them run free, soaking my pillow case. I had a cacoethes to go back out there and rip her face off, but I didn’t. It wasn’t her fault that he had messed up my mental health, she had no idea. A pain shot through my body, making me cry out. I hadn’t eaten for days, I was growing weak. There was a knock at the door, a soft hesitant one. I stayed silent, hoping for her sake that she would go away. The door cracked open and a voice whispered, “Will told me to bring you this. He said to tell you that you must drink it.” I rolled over and stared at the glass she was holding out to me, it smelled of blood. I held out my hand for it, and upon receiving it, gulped it down greedily. It repulsed her, I could tell, the red liquid running down my chin. Slowly she backed out of the room, her face full of disgust. She would’ve made it, had she not scraped her hand on the edge of my dresser. As soon as the scent hit me, I was across the room and in front of her. The blood smelled delicious, like just baked chocolate chip cookies. I licked my lips hungrily, getting ready to kill her. I had just pressed my lips to her neck, when a splash of this burning liquid met my face. I backed up, clutching at my skin. Vaguely I saw William, dragging the fainted girl away into the hall. For a brief second he looked at me, disappointment flooded his face. I was sinking to the floor, my face still hurting.
  Hours passed, someone came into the room and lifted me off the ground. I was being placed on a soft surface, a bed I think. I felt something soothing cross my face, removing the pain. A voice was murmuring words I couldn’t began to make out. Then all was dark.

Chapter 4:
  My eyes fluttered open; I was in William’s room. I glanced to my left and saw him sleeping beside me. He looked so peaceful, every cruel thing he’d ever done disappeared. Quietly, I got up and padded to the door. Stepping into the hall, I went to the one bathroom in the whole house. The sight I saw in the mirror was atrocious; my face was burned so badly. I closed my eyes, thinking of the horror that had danced across the girl’s face. Then of the displeasure that had shown fiercely on Will’s face. The door opened, but I didn’t open my eyes. Two arms wrapped around me as my knees gave out, carrying me to his room again. I was placed on the bed and immediately I was dead to the world.
  In my dreams I saw Will, kissing the girl I had almost killed. Anger filled me and I snapped, running towards them and ripping her neck wide open. The red liquid poured heavily, flowing fast into my mouth. I was covered in blood, but satisfied. She was gone, and I was full. I spun around to face him, expecting him to be proud of how little I cared about human life. There was a sharp anger in his eyes as he took one last look at me, and then walked away. That was it, no goodbye. I sank to the ground, numb with pain. My heart was breaking into a million pieces, leaving me a crumbled mess. I was slightly aware of my head hitting the ground, of his figure walking away. Everything disappeared, my vision was slowly disappearing. I myself was fading into nothing. I wanted to call out to him, but my lips couldn’t form any words. I was drowning in a deep pool of guilt and hurt, and all I could do was try my best to float.
Piercing sunlight woke me up from my world of nightmares, forcing me to shield my eyes. When the shaft of light finally disappeared, I sat up slowly, my head pounding. I groaned as the sound of deafening music drifted from beyond the bedroom door. Will was having another party, and at six in the morning. I padded across his room and pulled on one of his dark purple robes. I desperately wished for a mirror, so I could see how terrible I looked. Even though the stinging sensation had left, I knew my face would still look swollen and blotchy. Cautiously I opened the door a crack, peering into the hallway. There were dancing girls in skin tight mini dresses, heroin addicted guys in Speedos, and in the middle of it all was Will. He stood out, like a rose in the middle of grass. Leaning on the kitchen counter, he was drinking a purple cocktail and chatting mildly with a brown haired, blue eyed, human. I tried my best to move secretly to my bedroom, keeping my head down. But I tripped on a passed out girl, strewn out across the fur rug with a bottle of tequila in her hand. I smirked, humans could be so stupid. I heard a cough and looked up, one hand on the knob of my door. There was the tall brunette watching me a few feet away. Nodding to the body he said, “I thought you might need something to eat and she was a total bimbo anyways. The world won’t miss her.”
“But... You’re a...I mean I thought you were-,” I stuttered, confusion flooding my brain.
“A human,” he finished for me, taking a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. “Hell no, I’m a vampire love, one of your kind.” This took me by surprise, you can imagine, what with all his human clothes and appearance. Then I took a closer look and saw the blue contacts that masked his red eyes from human glances. In all, I was impressed at his cover.
“Do you reside with the proprietor of this house,” he asked. Trying to answer was unfeasible through the smoke, so I could only cough and nod. “And does the owner leave the house very often?” Again, I nodded my head. “Has he ever returned with large bags of unknown items?” This question left me wary, making me take a step back. “What did you say your name was,” I inquired my voice cautious and full of distrust. His mouth twisted into a sly grin and he drew a small bag from the pocket of his jacket. Taking a step back, I watched him pour half the contents in his hand, then blow them towards me. I felt the warm blanket of drowsiness slip over me, surrendering to a deep slumber. Numbly aware of my head hitting the ground, I dozed off into a world of nightmares.
Chapter 5:
The house pulsed with an eerie silence, and the aroma of decaying flesh filled the air. I shuddered as I passed a few corpse draped over the white sofa, staining the cloth with their bright red blood. However, my focus was not on them, nor on the pool of blood I was sloshing through. My attention was held by the question pounding in my skull, where was William?
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