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About an Ordinary Angel Who is there when i am Gone.
                                                ORDINARY ANGEL

                                      BY Peter E Lesniowski

                          Every time I go blind you made me smile.
When the times are tough we get wild.
                          Ordinary everyday
Angel I just want to say
                          True enough, you are a woman from Vegas.
True enough I am a guy from Chek-ta-Vegas.

                          Every time I lose my glasses you put them back on.
Only I can't count on how it went down.

                          And when I think of your boozy bed head all beer breath
you smelled just pretty and nice.

                            And when i dream how we got out of the store
I guess we just like made dinner by the water.

                        Like how you told me to just be like a guy.
Like how you hold me just like it's time .

                        You could keep me.
You are abandoned and perfect in decades and miles .
How could I argue you make all me smile.

                          What was her name?
How come I can't find who took me to court with out a cost...

                                                            Here's what i remember.
All of your sweat pants and passion and smoke
                  made me lose my outta this world.

Heavy your heart and all these family guns
aimed at my skull fountain fell down.

                          Brother my own smother made sick without soul.
I know her by what we do and not what we made mountains out of while going around the
mountain around the old path made twenty four hours become ours.

Like how you held me and reminded me where I knew you from when i was dodging a girl up ahead...

Like how you showed me again how simple this stuff could be if only i had you in my arms.

Difference is age could symptoms be Better...
who knows, man , who really counts the stars as the sky goes by at night and
all my best thoughts on falling out of the sky fades and passes like each of our

wasted .



I love that you were with me .

                                            You have been my ordinary
everydaY not average wonderful friend.  And when my sky goes dark

                                              mama this stuff gets put together
bit by bitty bitty

                                        Get up and smile we all want to be
get up and smile with you love angels when warnings become lovers.

How about a wilson farms Coffee with cream like we made it?

yeah good old willie farms....but not on tuesdays.

the end.
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